Die Casting or Gravity Casting for Aluminum Skateboard Truck Parts?

Skateboard trucks are an important assembly of a skating board. There are several parts to form a complete set of skateboard truck. Typically, skateboard trucks consist of a baseplate and hanger , which are fitted together with pin, bushings and washers.

Most skateboard truck parts (the hanger & baseplate) are generally cast from aluminum alloys. There are other materials as well, such as brass, titanium, steel, or nylon. Aluminum is lightweight, biodegradable, and can grind well. With aluminum trucks, you will gain a better riding experience. In contrast, steel is heavier, stronger, and lasts longer, but it will weigh your deck down. Therefore, for a high quality skateboard truck parts, aluminum casting is the way to go.

Casting Methods of Aluminum Skateboard Truck Parts

There are two common ways of making skateboard truck parts: Die casting and gravity casting. Both require two moulds with the shape of the preffered truck shape – a lower and an upper mould. The two moulds are placed on top of each other and fild with a aluminium metal mix which makes the trucks light, hard, and durable.

Gravity Casting

Gravity casting of aluminum skateboard parts is a process in which the molten aluminum is poured from a spoon into the mold. Unlike die casting, the aluminum is filled into the mold by gravity directly, which is a simpler casting process compared to die casting.

In gravity casting, aluminum alloy flows and fills into each corner of the mold slowly, as no additional force is pressed into the mold, gravity only. But due to the rapid solification, gravity casting delivers a great surface finish of aluminum skateboard parts.

Moreover, producing skateboard trucks by gravity casting is affordable and more durable.

Die Casting

Die casting is a process that produces aluminum skateboard parts by injecting liquid aluminum alloy into the molds. Before injecting, the aluminum alloy must be first melted into liquid status by heating in the furnace under high temperature. The aluminum alloy has to be pressed into the mold under high pressurure.

Die casting process is quick and allows aluminum to be squeezed into desired skateboard truck parts with little corners.

So, die casting can create accurate skateboard truck parts with thin corners and edges.

Gravity Casting vs. Die Casting for Aluminum Skateboard Truck Parts

Comparison Gravity Casting Die Casting
Cast Alloy A356-T6 aluminum alloy A380 aluminum alloy
Process Liquid aluminum alloys flows into to mold under gravity Liquid aluminum alloy is pressed into mold under high pressure.
Heat Treatment Can do T6 heat treatment to improve the strength Can not do heat treatment.
Strength Stronger with higher Hardness Weaker with lower hardness
Cost Affordable unit price and tooling cost Good unit price but high tooling cost
Bearing Weight Can bear 150kgs or more. Can bear 95kgs at most.

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Gravity Casting for Aluminum Skateboard Truck Parts

CFS Foundry is the aluminum casting manufacturer that use gravity die casting for aluminum skateboard truck parts. Aluminum gravity casting process enables skateboard truck parts to be made, with clean edges and small details, while not creating air bubbles. This makes the lightest and the most durable skateboard truck parts. The skateboard truck parts are then anodized in different colors. Any inquiry on cast aluminum skateboard truck parts, pls feel free to contact our aluminum foundry!

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