Custom Investment Castings making for US companies

70% investment castings made by CFS Foundry are exported to US or Eourpean companies, these investment castings are usually customized following the drawing specification that apply to US or Euro local standard so it can well performed.

Comparing with domestic castings, the exported investment castings require a higher capability to investment casting manufacturer on not just how to make the investment castings but also how to work with US compaines. Here we share with you a custom investment casting project we have done in our factory, we are sure there would be much more on somewhere we can do much better and achieve much more satisfaction, we summarize it, look back and move forward for better and better customized mold projects made in China by CFS foundry.

Basic Information about the Custom Investment Castings:

This information list here give the customer a good view to understand some basic information about the investment casting part:

Drawing number: 11490359
Material: 42CrMo
Heat Treatment: Quenching and tempering
Hardness: 320-340HB

investment casting drawing

finished drawing

From the drawings, we can see there are totally two pieces of drawings, one is for casting blank, the other is finished machining drawing. Checking the drawings, the part needs to be heat treated and precision machined after casting.

Start 3D mold design

After all the pre-design discussion, we started 3D mold design, usually it will be done in 2-3 working days.

Sample Production & Inspection

After finishing aluminum mold, we will first make casting blanks with blank drawing specification. Then heat treated to required hardness, and carry out precision machining to desired dimensions.

Once the sample is completed, we still need to test the material composition, dimensions, hardness, etc.
Sample testing

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