Convert Weldment to Investment Casting

As an investment casting manufacturer, we are always looking at ways to improve our product performance in a lower cost for our customers without changing its original design. One effective way is to achieve this for our customers by converting current weldments into investment castings. Converting weldments to investment castings is new hot trend that current customers choose the manufacturing process for their products.

Due to the advantages of investment casting, more manufacturing companies are producing metal parts in whole investment castings rather than filling their time with welding individual pieces together to create useful units. The casting process will benefit our customers in a better way.

convert welding into investment casting

Below are the main benefits that accompany the switch from welding to investment casting:

1. Reduce production time

It is difficult to hire experienced welders. You may spend weeks or even months trying to find welders who fit your needs and adapt well to your company culture, putting your company at risk of not fulfilling consumer needs in a timely fashion. And then, once you land the right welders for your company, their quality welding is a time-consuming task.

The investment casting process, on the other hand, is a quicker and more efficient alternative for supplying the whole part. Without pieces to weld together, less time is needed to create the same number of products. You can then allot the extra time into improving other areas of your business, such as customer service, while also using a small portion of that time to manufacture more pieces. More flexible time management allows you to run a more functional and successful manufacturing company.

2. Save cost

Not only do you save time by converting from welding to the investment casting process, the switch also helps your company save money and improve its profits. Castings are less expensive to produce, which allows manufacturing companies to lower their prices to buyers, increasing business and in turn increasing income. Instead of investing in individual pieces that must be strategically placed and welded together by particularly skilled welders, workers need only use a mold to create the final investment casting.

Owners of manufacturing companies also save money by casting because, as stated above, hunting for experienced welders is no longer a top priority. It takes time to find skilled workers, but it also takes money to keep those welders employed, more money than is necessary to hire and retain employees perfectly.

3. Improve Quality and Design

Since each individual piece of a weldment is welded to the next, there is a higher risk of creating a misshapen, less functional final product. The quality is often mediocre, and the design is often speckled with disproportioned weld beads.

Each investment casting is one unit that requires no welding. With the right molds, investment castings creat a much smoother design and no risk of individual pieces detaching from one another. This makes products of industries in which these units are used, such as the automotive and railroad industries, much safer and more reliable for consumers.

At CFS, we recognize that customers’ needs come first. That’s why we are converting weldments to castings. Of course, not alll the weldments could be converted into investment casting, we could also help you to choose another option in sand casting. If you have the right part that needs to be converted into casting from welding or fabrication, contact us today.

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