Convert Machined parts in Investment Casting?

CFS Foundry ever shared a post about converting weldments into investment casting, in which we presented successful projects we have completed with our customers. Today we would like to share if converting your machined parts into investment casting.

First of all, we have to be honest for the fact : It is not always a benefit to convert any part into investment casting. For example:

* Parts with simple shapes close to the one of a steel plate or bar are rarely replaced by investment cast parts because there is no financial benefit.

* Or, sometimes our customer requires a limited number of pieces and the pattern cost of investment casting makes the project not viable moneywise.

Here are some more situations in which machine shops are replacing machining by investment casting:

  • When it is difficult to purchase the material directly from the market, it is a wise choice to turn to investment casting. As investment casting materials are able to be mixed according to the compositions required.
  • When machining and assembling operations are generating much material waste.
  • When machining operations take much time to make a part; often the case with irregular or complexe shape parts.
  • When the shape of component is too much complicated, which will cost too much machining time.
  • When the environment in which the part is used require an off-standard material.

Here we have 2 examples :

The end-user customer install the parts in a very high temperature environment (e.g. 1000 to 2000oF); the investment casting foundry can supply a heat-resistant steel material within 15 different grades dependly of the various factors to take in consideration;

The customer experiments quick wear of the parts by abrasion; the foundry can then makes the part within a wide selection of wear-resistant iron materials (certain grades up to 750 BHN hardness).

When the customer requires very tigh mechanical properties that are difficult to reach with standard material ; the foundry can often select the right alloy combined with the right heat treatment operations to reach the targeted mechanical properties.

CFS foundry remains available to analyse any request from you. Contact us if you would like to convert your machined parts into investment casting, we will evaluate if it is worthwhile or not to convert your machined part into investment casting.

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