Convert Aluminum Sand Casting to Gravity Die Casting

When producing irregular cast aluminum parts with low volumes at a low tooling or start-up cost, sand casting is an ideal solution. However, once your product volumes increase, aluminum gravity die casting might be a better solution since sand casting requires a new mold for every casting.

Gravity die casting applies a single mold made out of tool steel that can produce 100,000 pieces or more versus a brand new mold for every part when using the sand casting process. Gravity die cast mold creates consistent aluminum castings and lowers your costs. If the cast aluminum part contains internal cavities and undercuts, gravity die casting process can also use sand cores to create them.

Convert Sand Casting to Gravity Die Casting

Key Factors To Convert Sand Casting to Gravity Die Casting:

  • The quantity is increasing (over 500pcs per order).
  • A higher surface finish requirement is needed.
  • Better quality cast aluminum parts that provides closer tolerances.
  • Want to improve production effeciency

Benefits of Gravity Die Casting

Save Money
As mentioned above, sand casting needs a new mold for each casting process that is produced – increasing your costs and cycle time. Gravity die casting mold has a lifespan of 100,000+ parts. Reusing the same mold shortens cycle time and saves cost. The tighter tolerances of gravity die casting enable many features to be cast to sizes that meet drawing’s specification, which enhance productivity by avoiding secondary machining and finishing costs.

Better Quality

Due to sand’s coarse nature, sand casting generally produces a rougher surface finish compared to gravity die casting. Gravity die casting manufacturers machine the mold cavities to a smooth finish and apply fine, talcum-like coatings that result in a finer more aesthetically pleasing casting.

Gravity die casting is the right solution for cast aluminum parts converted from sand casting process, that is because:

  • Reducing lead times.
  • Enhancing surface finish.
  • Increasing speed and volume of production.
  • Decreasing cost per piece.
  • Strengthening the casting.
  • Preventing defects.
  • Achieving tighter tolerances.
  • Improving dimensional stability.

If you have such an cast aluminum part that needs to be converted from sand casting process to gravity die casting, pls call or email our aluminum foundry today.

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