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If you are looking for a trustworthy source of CNC machining in China for your custom parts, there is no better choice than CFS Machining Shop.

CFS is proud to specialize in CNC precision machining. We use a wide range of CNC machines to produce high-quality machined parts, depending on the needs and specifications of your drawing. At CFS, we have a variety of materials and surface finishes available to meet the different requirements of CNC machined products. We have equipment for all products, regardless of their simplicity or complexity. CFS is committed to delivering high-quality products on time.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC (Computure Numerical Control) machining is CNC machine tool processing, is equipped with digital control system of automated machine tools. It is a combination of machinery, automation, computers, and other high-tech new technology. Its basic components are digital control program carrier, machine tool device, drive spindle device, machine tool body, and safety guards.

CNC machining is controlled according to the programmed programming, usually G-code, to make the machine tool machining. The G-code digital language can control the machining process of CNC machine tools. It makes the tool control system use different position coordinates, control the tool feed and spindle speed, coolant and other functions.

The correctness of the toolpath can be analyzed using the CNC machine’s idle run. When the digital program is entered into the machine, the fixture tool and workpiece are installed. When the idle button is pressed, the spindle does not rotate and the table automatically runs along the programmed path. At this step, it is found out if there is any contact between the tool and the workpiece or the fixture. The above operation control is controlled by the cam, die and dividing device in the form of analog quantities. The machining accuracy of the parts is affected by the accuracy of the cams and dies, and it can process complex parts with certain flexibility and versatility and long process preparation time. CNC machining solves the problem of complex and precise, small batch and multi-species machining, and it is widely used in modern industry, which greatly improves the production efficiency of companies.

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

Milling is a process that uses machines with rotating multipoint cutting tools to remove excess material from a workpiece. In CNC milling, the CNC machine is operated so that the workpiece cuts the tool in the same direction of rotation as the cutting tool. Whereas, in manual milling, the machine is operated so that the workpiece cuts the tool in the opposite direction of rotation of the cutting tool.

Operational milling can cut flat, level surfaces and flat-bottomed cavities in the workpiece, while peripheral milling cuts deep cavities, such as slots and threads, in the workpiece.

CFS machining shop has 18 CNC vertical machining centers to meet customers’ needs, from the simplest processes such as drilling to complex operations with tight tolerance.

  • 3,4 & 5 axis milling capability
  • ± 0.02mm position, ± 0.01mm dimensional tolerance
  • Maximum workpiece size: 1100 x 600 x800 mm
  • Milling process: Drilling, profiling, boring, reaming, tapping.

CNC Turning

CNC Turning

Turning is a machining process involving single-point cutting tools to remove material from the rotating workpiece. CNC turning uses a CNC lathe to instruct the cutting tool to cut in a linear motion along the surface of the rotating workpiece. This process also removes the excess material around the surface until the desired diameter is achieved. This process results in the production of cylindrical parts with external and internal features such as tapers, slots, and threads. Turning can involve drilling, face turning, grooving, and threading.

We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, and our experience helps us understand the challenges and requirements of CNC turning. We do everything we can to provide the highest quality lathes and operators. That’s why we also offer a custom CNC turning service with the following capabilities:

  • 20+ CNC lathes
  • Maximum turning diameter 350 mm
  • Tight turning tolerance: ± 0.01 mm
  • Smooth machined surface, can reach Ra 0.4

CNC Machining Materials

Materials Features Common Grades
Mild Steel These are low-carbon metal alloys that shows good mechanical properties, machinability and weldability at a reasonable price. It can also be carburized to increase the hardness. Q235, Q345, 1020, 1045, etc.
Alloy Steel Other alloying elements together with carbon forms Alloy steels. They are associated in improving hardness, toughness, fatigue and wear resistance. 40Cr, 4140 (42CrMo), 4340, etc.
Stainless Steel Stainless steel alloys offers high strength, ductility, wear and corrosion resistance. You can easily weld, polish, or machine them. 304, 304, 316, 17-4ph, 2205, etc.
Aluminum Aluminum alloys show good strength-to-weight ratio, possessing high thermal and electrical conductivity, natural corrosion resistance, low density and it can easily be anodized. 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075, etc.
Brass & Copper Brass & copper are basically metal alloys that offers good machinability and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. They can ideally be used in places where low friction material is required. It’s often used for bus bars, wire connectors, and other electrical applications. C36000, C10100, C11000, etc.

Why CNC Machining? What Are the Advantages?

Automatical Manufacturing process

CNC machining operations are controlled by automated programs executed by digital computer control. Therefore, CNC machine tools can take care of their program instructions, and the entire procedure is performed automatically according to the program instructions. This high level of automation helps reduce labor costs for workers.

Our high-tech equipment allows for unattended runs throughout the machining cycle, giving the operator extra time for other tasks. This offers several benefits to CNC users, including reduced human error, reduced operator fatigue, and smooth and consistent machining times for each workpiece.

High Dimensional Accuracy

Another advantage of using CNC machining technology is the accuracy and consistency of the workpiece. Today, the accuracy of CNC machines is two to four-thousandths of an inch or 0.05 to 0.10 millimeters, with repeatability close to or better than eight-thousandths of an inch or 0.02 millimeters. This means that after the initiation of the program, we can produce two, ten, or a thousand identical parts with the same accuracy and consistency. This unique technology offers mass production with product quality and is easy to control.

Good Flexibility

Since computer programs control these machines, running various parts is as easy as loading different programs. This offers another advantage, quick changeover. These machines offer short set-up times because they are easy to operate, and programs can be loaded easily.

High Efficiency

CNC machining can have multi-coordinate linkage and can machine complex zero points. To change the size and shape of the part, only the change to the CNC program is required. This saves time during production preparation.

Main Industries We Serve

CNC Machined Parts


CNC machining was first used in Aerospace. It is used in this industry because it offers lightweight parts with exceptional physical properties and high tolerances. CNC machining can be used for aircraft parts as well as during the development stages.


CNC machining is also beneficial in the automotive industry during the production of high-performance custom parts. CNC machining is usually used in the production of key components.

Electrical & Electronic manufacturing

The electrical and electronic manufacturing industry also prefers CNC machining in various processes, such as CNC machining, to manufacture parts for high-power electronic sensing systems.

Defense Industry

The military sector also uses CNC machining to prototype rugged and reliable parts. The machining intends to allow the parts to withstand wear and tear with minimal upkeep.

Robert & Automation

Robotics and automation industry mainly uses CNC machining for fabricating robotic end effectors, custom jigs and features, and storage units. Since CNC machines can hold the tolerances of ±0.05 mm and surface roughness of Ra 0.8μm, the designers can achieve dimensional accuracy for robotic parts.

Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry also requires tight tolerances for the safety-critical application of CNC lathe. This sector uses CNC milling machines for the production of precise, reliable parts such as cylinders, pistons, rods, pins, and valves.

Why CFS for Custom CNC Machining?

Advanced Machining Equipment

CFS always imports advanced machining equipment to provide customers with a quality product. Due to our high-quality machines, we can produce CNC machined parts with higher precision than other machining factories in China.

Broad Range of Material Options

Our company has a stock of more than 100 different materials for a wide range of applications and industries. Materials that we prepare for CNC machining are Mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper.

Guaranteed Quality

CFS Machining Shop is a team of highly skilled engineers. We also have cutting-edge machinists and quality control experts who can take care of your product and deliver the perfect product the first time. Our experts follow high standards and protocols to maintain and control quality by using top-notch software, advanced CNC technologies, and power tools to manufacture customers’ required parts.

Competitive Prices

Usually, we provide quotations depending on your needs, material cost, and machining difficulty. Since we are a China-based company, we have the advantage of lower material and labor costs than the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. So we always offer manageable prices.

Fast Production and Delivery

As we are located in China’s second-largest port (Ningbo Port), we can supply quality products to overseas companies very quickly, as some of the production is going well.

Custom Service

To meet our customers’ needs, we provide customized CNC machining services based on their drawings and supply the finished components according to their requirements, along with heat and surface treatment.

Contact Us

If we have aroused your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry on CNC machining. We kindly ask you to send your drawings to! Will get back to you within 12 hours!

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