China Stainless Steel Investment Casting Manufacturer

In recent years, the investment casting industry has been developing rapidly, the number of stainless steel investment casting manufacturers is also increasing, and its regional distribution features have gradually taken shape. From the perspective of regional distribution, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and Anhui have been developing rapidly. Ningbo is now China’s most important stainless steel investment casting market, and is China’s largest investment casting export city. More than 40 percent of the national output value of stainless steel investment casting came from Ningbo city. Currently, 5 of the top 10 stainless steel investment casting manufacturers in China are from Zhejiang. With the further optimization of industrial structure in Zhejiang, the development of many industries, such as petrochemicals, automobile, high and new technology, has put forward higher requirements for stainless steel investment casting manufacturers in Ningbo, China. Stainless steel investment casting manufacturing in Ningbo will become more and more sophisticated in the next few years.

CFS Stainless Steel Investment Casting Manufacturer

China stainless steel investment casting manufacturer

CFS Foundry – stainless steel investment casting manufacturer located in Ningbo, China, established in 2001, mainly develops, designs and manufactures all kinds of stainless steel castings, and provides one-stop services such as mould making, casting, post machining, surface treatments (mirror polishing, electropolishing, brushed polishing, ect), inspection and assembly. Our stainless steel investment casting factories are in Ningbo and Shandong. We offer custom stainless steel investment casting manufacturing for global companies. We serve a wide range of industrial, including food machinery application, golf club head, floor drain, tap and faucet, etc. All in all, CFS foundry provides below service:

  • Drawing design
  • Custom mould
  • Free sampling process
  • Low or large volume stainless steel investment casting
  • Heat treatment
  • Machining
  • Surface treatments
  • Package & delivery

4 advantages of CFS Stainless Steel Investment Casting manufacturer

We are the preferred stainless steel investment casting supplier of casting mould making & stainless steel investment casting manufacturing. We have the below 4 advantages over other Chinese stainless steel investment casting manufacturers.

1. Stainless steel investment casting manufacturer with high quality mould making and investment casting ability for stainless steels

  • Large-scale production base equipped with strong R&D, production, sales team, multiple production lines, and guaranteed delivery.
  • Rich experience makes our stainless steel investment castings making more reasonable and more efficient, greatly reducing the casting cost.
  • Fine workmanship, skilled craftsmanship, one-time investment to avoid subsequent repeated repairs.
  • CFS stainless steel investment casting manufacturer provides the one-stop service of investment casting, machining & surface treatment, to avoid the hassle of finding multiple suppliers.

2. Investment casting manufacturer with strict quality control system, the rich experience of cooperating with the world’s top 500

  • Products from design to raw material procurement, production processes, finished product testing, etc. are carried out in accordance with international high standards.
  • Supply to many large overseas companies in America, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

3. “0” cost for making your own stainless steel investment casting moulds

  • CFS stainless steel investment casting manufacturer is not only your casting supplier, but also your mould expert. We promise to return the mould/tooling cost once the quantity reaches 50,000pcs. This can help to minimize research and development costs.
  • Save mould cost for you, which can be used for company reward reserve funds, company new project development, etc.

4. One-stop production service, the stainless steel investment casting factory is by your side

  • One-to-one “housekeeping” order tracking service from order to delivery, real-time reporting of orders, allowing you to “manage” stainless steel investment casting plants at zero distance.
  • 7*24 hour fast response mechanism to meet your order needs.

If you don’t know where to buy stainless steel castings and don’t know how to choose a stainless steel investment casting manufacturer, we look forward to receiving your email. To make a new part, the first thing you need to do is detailed drawings, and then analyze how to make the part, the key is how to connect the stainless steel investment casting supplier’s engineers with your companies’ demands. Like our stainless steel investment casting factory, we worked well with American and British companies for five years. So if you have a new custom stainless steel investment casting project next time, you can send the drawings to us for quoting.

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