CF8 Stainless Steel Casting

CF8, ASTM 351 standard, is the common cast alloy used in stainless steel investment casting process. Maybe you will ask what CF8 means?

C –  The first letter means corrosion resistant feature that is intended to be used for casting, but CFS stainless steel foundry think it may also mean casting purpose, as you can also find F304 in ASTM A350 standard, here F means Forging.

F – The second letter indicates the approximate location of the alloy on the iron-chromium-nickel (FeCrNi) ternary diagram. For users familar with the diagram, the second letter does provide an indication of the nominal iron, nickel, and chromium content, but most people would have to obtain alloying information from a material specification.

8 – The last digit represents the maximum carton content allowed in units of 0.01%. That is to say, CF8 has a maximum of 0.08% carbon content.

Chemical Compositions of CF8 Stainless Steel

  • C:  0.00-0.08
  • Mn: 0.00-1.50
  • Cr: 18.00-21.00
  • Mo: 0.00-0.50
  • Ni: 8.00-11.00
  • Fe: 65.92-74.00
  • Cu: 0.00-0.00

Mechanical Properties of CF8 Stainless Steel

  • Tensile strength (ksi): 0-70
  • Yield strength (ksi): 30
  • Elongation (%): 35
  • Hardness (Brinell): 134-196

Investment Casting of CF8 Stainless Steel

CF8 Stainless Steel Casting

Investment casting is a manufacturing process that utilizes wax patterns created from a die or 3d printed. Next a flask is placed around the wax tree and a dense plaster slurry is poured into the flask, creating a solid mold.

CF8 is the cast equivalent alloy of 304 stainless steel. For its good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, it is widely used in the investment casting process to creat some precision components for marine industry, food machinery, oilfied industry, building industry, etc. Investment casting of CF8 stainless steel provides tight ‘as cast’ tolerances and is the best casting techniques for high detail ‘as cast’ applications. The tool used to create the wax pattern is reusable, but the solid mold is broken and discarded after each production run.

Why CFS Foundry as Your Partner?

We will honestly inform our customers ofour capacity and quality level. All customers have the right to get the actual details including production process, quality, shipment and defects. The honesty will be benefit to both parts.

Our engineers are more than just designes. They are pioneers. Our team use CAD/CAM to make the simulation of casting parts. Through the advanced technology, we can know each detail of the part to be cast in CF8 stainless steel. We are always keeping ourselves learning new technoloy to improve our strength.

CFS Foundry constantly strives to exceed our customers’ expectations in serving life and working performance. For each order, we control the whole manufacturing processes from the raw material to the finished parts. And all the stainless steel castings are 100% inspected before delivery.

Located in Ningbo China, the transportation of CF8 stainless steel castings is very convenient, either by sea, air or train. Courteous service is the part that attracts our customers to cooperate with our company. With CFS, you can feel a good ordering experience.

Besides CF8 stainless steel, CFS can also investment cast other stainless steel alloys such as CF3, CF3M, CF8M stainless steel alloys. Any inquiry on stainless steel casting, pls get in touch with our company!

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