Cast Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer Hammer Tool

Cast stainless steel is something that you may have heard mentioned before. But do you really know what this type of metal alloy really is produced from?

This investment cast type of stainless steel is oftentimes used to produce many types of food machinery parts. Additionally it is used to create many other products that people use each day. Even furniture can be created using this specific type of metal! Cookware is also commonly made of cast stainless steel because it is so strong, patio furniture is also another place that cast aluminum is easy to find. It is a special type of metal alloy and before it can be used it has to go through what is called casting. This is a process that adds durability and strength to the material, as well as makes it more efficient for use. There are a few different ways that casting can occur, including through investment casting, sand casting, die casting, etc. Investment casting is usually the most popular method of casting stainless steel parts.

Cast Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer Hammer Tool

Meat tenderizer hammer tool is a hand-powered kitchen gadget that is designed to soften beef, lamb, venison, pork, turkey, chicken, duck and other kinds of meat before cooking. Such hammer tool is usually made of cast stainless steel with a short handle and dual heads. One face of the tool is usually flat while the other has rows of pyramid-shaped tenderizers.

Why Cast Stainless Steel?

  • To achieve net shape parts, the meat tenderizer hammer tool is cast from food-grade stainless steel, type 316 SS. With stainless steel investment casting, no extra machining will be required, which can effectively avoid material waste.
  • Compared with cast aluminum, cast stainless steel can produce heavier duty and stronger meat tenderizer hammer tool than usual, make sure to check its weight before making a purchase. It will make your job easier and save a lot of time, especially if you are using it for your restaurant.
  • With cast stainless steel, It is easy to clean any meat tenderizer hammer tool.
  • Cast stainless steel can eliminate the worry that using aluminum alloy neither only a thin layer of stainless steel wrapped on the outside. The meat mallet is cast entirely of the best stainless steel, no welding, no bolting leaving no gaps for food to stick to. There is no room for the bad actor to grow.

Working with CFS

As a top leading stainless steel investment casting foundry, CFS can provide custom service for any type meat tenderizer hammer tool. Our investment casting and mirror polishing capabilities will ensure us to supply finished products with best quality. If you have any need of sourcing a OEM manufacturer, pls feel free to contact us!

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