Cast Aluminum Flat Beater

What is Flat Beater?

Flat beater is the most common mixing attachment for combining any mixture that has a normal to heavy consistency. Suitable for making cakes, biscuits, pastry, icing, mashed potatom, etc.

As the flat beater is relatively intricate, it is produced by aluminum casting or stainless steel casting.

Material: Cast Aluminum

Cast Aluminum Flat Beater

Cast aluminum is a specific light metal alloy that has gone through one of the several processes known as casting. Flat beat made from cast aluminum can achieve good strength, excellent corrosion resistance while maintaining light weight.

A main advantages to using cast aluminum is that it is more cost efficient in comparison to cast stainless steel. Cast aluminum flat beater also retains a high degree of durability. While it is not necessarily true that it will last as long as cast stainless steel, aluminum flat beaters do tend to hold up well for a number of years. The combination of lower cost and reliable durability makes cast aluminum an excellent choice for casting flat beaters.

Of course, cast aluminum is also widely used in other applications, such as marine hardwares, chair legs, automotive, lighting, etc.

Manufacturing Process: Low Pressure Die Casting

Since there are several casting methods available in aluminum casting, what is the right casting methods for flat beater? Gravity die casting, high pressure die casting or low pressure die casting? The answer is low pressure die casting. As its name implies, low pressure die casting is one of the die casting processes by pressing the cast aluminum alloy into molds under low pressure.

Low-pressure die casting (LPDC) is a common process used in foundries today to produce cast aluminum flat beaters. LPDC allows the achievement of cast aluminum flat beater with very good metallurgical quality. Advantages of LPDC include:

  • High yield achievable (typically over 90%)
  • Reduction of machining costs, thanks to the absence of feeders
  • Excellent control of process parameters which can be obtained with a high degree of automation
  • Good metallurgical quality, thanks to a slow, non-turbulent filling and controlled solidification dynamics, resulting in good mechanical and metallurgical properties of the castings, including low porosity.

Working with Our Foundry

Cast Aluminum Flat Beater Replacement

CFS Foundry can produce cast aluminum flat beaters with powder coated finish. Common powder coated color can be white as shown in the image. After powder coating, the surface looks smooth and beautiful.

As a top leading casting manufacturer in China, we aim to supply high quality cast aluminum flat beaters and cast stainless steel flat beaters for our customers. If you have an inquiry on your cast flat beater project, pls feel free to contact us!

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