Cast Aluminum Alloy ADC12 (A383)

ADC 12, the US equivalent grade A383, is a common cast aluminum alloy in China. This type of aluminum alloy is mainly used in die casting process for its lightweight, better corrosion resistance and high castability.

Aluminum Alloy ADC12 Ingot

Chemical Composition

Material Elements
ADC12 Cu Si Mg Zn Fe Mn Ni Sn Al Others
2.0-3.0% 9.5-11.5% 0.10-0.30% ≤3.0% ≤1.3% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.15% 79.3-88.4% ≤0.5%

Mechanical Properties

Material Tensile strength Yeild strength (0.2%) Impact strength Hardeness Elongation
ADC12 310Mpa 150Mpa 4J 75HB 3.50%

Available Die Casting Methods

Note: T6 heat treatment is not feasible for ADC12 cast aluminum parts.

Select ADC12 Aluminum Alloy for Your Aluminum Casting Project

ADC12 (A383) Aluminum Casting

With higher silion and lower copper, ADC12 is a common aluminum die casting alloy in our aluminum foundry. Compared to A380 aluminum alloy, parts made from ADC12 aluminum alloy have improved corrosion resistance, resistance to hot cracking, fluidity, and strength at elevated temperatures.

ADC12 aluminum castings can be used for a wide range of applications, typical are cylinder head cover, sensor bracket, motor cover, housing, electronic equipment, motor vehicle components, appliances, furniture, power tools, LED lighting, bicycles, machinery, communications equipment, electric vehicles, carpentry, valves, etc.

Select the right cast aluminum alloy can greatly save time and cost. ADC12 is often selected when intricate or complex parts are needed, its ease of casting also facilitates the use in metal casting. When it comes to affordability, ADC12 is an excellent choice to build castings in a cost-efficient solution.

Located in Ningbo, China, CFS Foundry can provide OEM service for any intricate shape to meet your drawing’s specification. Request a RFQ for your ADC12 aluminum casting project, pls feel free to contact us!

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