Cast Aluminum A356 Alloy Earth Anchors

Earth anchors are designed and manufactured for commercial, residential, and military markets. They are usually made in aircraft-quality cast aluminum 356 alloy, and heat treated to T6 specification for better strength. CFS Foundry is professional on A356 aluminum casting, we proud ourselves on custom service for earch anchors in different specifications.

Cast Aluminium A356 Alloy Earth Anchors

A356 Cast Aluminium Earth Anchors

A356 Aluminum Alloy

A356 is the most common gravity casting alloy cast in CFS Foundry. It has excellent fluidity, corrosion resistance, can be welded and heat treated (T5 and T6) to improve the casting’s mechanical properties.

A356 offers more strength, ductility and elongation for earth anchors. Besides, A356 aluminum is often used to manufacture intricate and complex aluminum castings, which provides lightweight, pressure tightness and great mechanical properties. Typically this alloy can also be used to cast components like aircraft parts, pump housings, impellers, high velocity blowers and structural castings where high strength is required. Somtimes, it is an alternative material of aluminum alloy 6061.

Gravity Die Casting Process

Initially, earth anchor is just a functional part, sand casting would be sufficient to produce earth anchors. But as this part will remain in the ground and gravity die casting is used for a cleaner look.

Gravity die casting is a type of die casting that is perfect for creating repeatable medium- and high-volume aluminum parts. This process is also referred to as “permanent mold casting .”Unlike high pressure die casting, it accepts aluminum castings in low volume, and the mold cost is not high.

In gravity die casting process, the liquid aluminum alloy is poured into the mold by gravity, not pressure. After filling the mold, the liquid alloy starts to solidify quickly. After cooling, the solid earch achor was taked out from the mold, and cut off the excess material, then clean the surface by shot blasting.

As aluminum alloy is much softer than other steel, after gravity die casting, T6 heat treatment would be performed to improve the strength of earth anchors.

CFS Foundry has rich experience in producing cast aluminum earth anchors to meet your design. If you have any inquiry on custom earth anchors, pls feel free to send us the CAD drawing, we will go back to you shortly!

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