Aluminum Casting of 90° Corner Bracket

Corner bracket, also know as angle bracket, is a 90 degree (L shaped) bracket with two oval holes used to fix shelving to walls or connecting two pieces together at right angles.

Aluminum Casting of 90 Angle bracket

Material: Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is the metal by pouring liquid aluminum alloy into mold. Cast aluminum can make complex and detailed parts very efficiently.

Cast aluminum has the great advantage that it is very easy to reuse. Due to the relatively low melting point (only 650-700° C) compared to other metals, less energy is also required. So if you ever made any part in cast aluminium, please put it in the recycling bin. And perhaps your 90° degree corner bracket will then have a future as a railway wagon or engine block or railing or blind or……….

The 90° corner bracket made of cast aluminum is durable and versatile, which is a perfect fastener for chests, screens, windows, furniture, etc. Used for reinforcing inside of right angle corner joints.

Process: Aluminum Gravity Casting

Cast 90 Degree Aluminum Corner Bracket

To produce a 90° corner bracket, an aluminium alloy is melted by strong heating and then transferred to a casting mould.

The standard process is gravity die casting, in which the aluminium is poured into the mould under gravity. With this process, 90° corner bracket can be cast safely.

Aluminum gravity casting is a method for producing high tolerance and high quality corner brackets by inserting molten aluminum into a precisely designed and precision engineered die or mold. It is an efficient process for producing 90° corner bracket that exactly matches the specification.

Gravity die casting can make strong aluminum corner brackets. In addition, it is used to create highly repeatable corner brackets with consistency. Their rapid cooling rates generate a more consistent microstructure, which can improve the mechanical properties significantly.

Aluminum Casting vs. Fabrication on 90° Corner Brackets

There are a number of advantages that aluminum casting process offers for 90° Corner Brackets when compared to the aluminum fabrication process. For example, welding during the fabrication process creates more stress and distortion due to localized heat. Casting, on the other hand, creates a more homogeneous microstructure as there is no heat affected zone. More advantages of cast aluminum corner brackets over weld fabricated ones due to:

  • Once a pattern is approved each casting is the same, versus a fabrication where human error is involved and parts can be assembled incorrectly
  • Converting a fabricated corner bracket to a cast one also offers machinability advantages

There are also significant cost savings to be realized due to the following:

  • Aluminum casting eliminates many processes, reducing production time
  • Multiple cast aluminum corner brackets can be made at one time
  • Less skill is required as aluminum casting production can be more automated, as opposed to the skills required for welding and fabrication

Work With CFS Foundry

Whether you’re exploring prototyping options for a new designed corner bracket, or you have an existing corner bracket that you’d like to put into production, CFS Foundry can help you with your next cast aluminum bracket project. We’ve provided high-quality aluminum casting service to a wide variety of industries for more than 30 years. Contact our aluminum foundry today to request a quote for your aluminum bracket project.

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