Benefits of Sourcing an Aluminum Foundry in China

When you are finding a reliable aluminum casting foundry for your project, quality and price are always the most critical factors for you to decide a supplier. It is a fact that companies from European and American countries need to pay at least 50% more if buying aluminum castings from a local foundry.

Benefits of Sourcing an Aluminum Foundry in China

CFS Foundry, located in Ningbo (a coastal city from China), is one of the largest aluminum casting foundries supplying OEM services for all types of cast aluminum parts. Our geographical advantage allows us to offer our customers good quality while affordable prices. Through the years, we have found many benefits of sourcing an aluminum casting foundry in China.

High Skill

At CFS, each worker is highly skilled, carrying out even the most complex casts with superior ability and technical skill. Our advanced aluminum gravity die casting process and low pressure die casting process have been proved by making 10 thousands of different aluminum castings in the past 30 years. The quality level builds our reputation successfully in China.

Another point to guarantee the high quality is the advanced production equipments. Lots of expensive equipments are introduced to our foundry, our extensive manufacturing resources give us almost unlimited design flexibility for your cast aluminum parts. Our manufacturing facility is secure and stable, located in a modern industrial park with safety and security that is equal to the United States. Our extensive manufacturing resources give us almost unlimited design flexibility, such as cast aluminum dough hook, cast aluminum flat beater, and other cast aluminum parts.

Competitive Pricing

Althought the material cost in 2021 is increased affected by covid-19, it is still low compared with other countries. And when this situation improves, the material cost will come down gradually.

Operating our aluminum foundry in China also allows us to take advantage of lower labor costs. There is no doubt that the wages are much lower than a typical United States factory worker, however, these wages are excellent compared to other poor cities in China. The low material cost and labour cost offer a great price advantage for casting aluminum parts in CFS Foundry.

At CFS, we own the manufacturing process from start to finish, which allows us to truly focus all of our attention on providing the best precision components possible, while also keeping our costs as low as we can. Everything we do is aimed at fulfilling these two goals for every customer.

Short Lead Times

For the global virus in recent two years, the epidemic in other countries remains serious, while relatively safe in China. The stable situation offers a great manufacturing condition for CFS foundry in China. We have the capacity and capability to produce low, medium, or higher volume production runs on a consistent basis, reducing the time it takes for you to receive your cast aluminum parts.

Our foundry in Ningbo, China also allows for low shipping costs and quick delivery, which helps make us a more affordable option.

We understand that when you need an aluminum casting done, it is advantageous to receive it as quickly as possible. Our reduced lead times help save you both time and money by delivering quality aluminum castings to you more quickly than our competitors.

If you are sourcing a good aluminum casting manufacturer in China, contact us today to get started, you will enjoy all the benefits mentioned above!

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