Benefits of Making Investment Castings in China

No matter if you are the end user or dealer for your investment casting project, creating quality products while keeping costs down is often done by making them in China. In the past years, China has grown to become a major economic power. Much has changed for the country since the government decided to open up for international trade and embrace world market. China’s economic wheel began to turn very fast. China’s large population plays a crucial role in benefits of making investment castings. This large workforce means relatively inexpensive wages and a huge market for investment casting foundries like CFS foundry to produce and export investment castings to overseas market.

investment castings made in china

The main reason to consider manufacturing investment castings in China is almost always the lower manufacturing cost. Low production cost means that you have enough supply to maintain competitiveness in the market. Some overseas investment casting companies also choose to outsource investment casting patterns only in China to ease their production cost. More detailed explanations about benefits of making investment castings in China are as follows.

1. Reduced Manufacturing Costs

Because of the low cost in tooling, labour and material, there is no doubt that making investment castings from China will greatly reduce your manufacturing cost. Low manufacturing cost will greatly maximise your profit, and help you to occupy your selling market better and win more orders. This is by far the primary reason that people turn to China to purchase investment castings.

2. High Output in Less Time

Some investment casting factories,such as from U.S., are often limited in capacity and time, but this is never the case with their Chinese partner. Once again, cheap labor cost plays a crucial role in this aspect. You can hire more people to complete more volume-demanding productions, yet it still requires less money than USA facilities do. There are certainly ethical considerations when it comes to the low cost of labor in China, but not all facilities are equally exploitative. Do your due diligence. One of our customer from Australia is keeping importing investment castings from us. As they said their capabity is already full and need to oursource new investment casting partner for some of their orders. And we are their first option due to our high output and can always deliver goods on time, even in advance.

3. Worldwide Shipping

Even though investment castings are made in China, it is easy to ship them across the world. An added benefit of China manufacturing is that you do not have to focus on simply domestic markets. Thanks to the global market, you can now distribute and sell your products simultaneously to people on different sides of the globe. And CFS foundry is meanwhile the exporting company that ships investment castings to any countries as you like.

4. Quality of Goods Made in China

With more businesses turning to China, besides low cost, quality is the most factor that our customer should consider. Thanks to improved investment casting process and other value added services, quality is improving every year. And It is now the manufacturing capital of the world, and the work coming out reflects why. Consumers want investment castings that are low in price and that will last a long time, making China an ideal manufacturing site for your castings.

As you can see, making your investment castings in China comes with many benefits. Low production cost will result in lower prices that will keep customers and investors happy.

And if you are interested in learning more about how investment castings made in China can reduce manufacturing costs, contact us today to see how we can help with your next project.

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