Applications of Stainless Steel Glass Spider Fittings

Stainless Steel Glass Spider Fitting, which is produced by stainless steel casting process, can be used alone. When in use, it needs to connect bolts and other component, because glass spider fitting is just the name of a part, and can not be fixed itself. Simply speaking, it is used to connect the bolt to fix the glass, at the same time will be a force that passes to the connecting parts, thus to have the effect of fixing fuction by the connecting of whole set. So, stainless steel glass spider fitting is an important parts on glass curtain wall, where it fully shows its mechanics characteristics.

Application of Stainless Steel Glass Spider Fittings

A huge glass curtain wall is completed connected by various components, as each piece of glass is unable to connect itself. We could not also put them glued together, so only with the combination of a series of components to make them as a whole piece. Such glass curtain wall needs to have bearing function first. Secondly, because of the glass curtain wall in the outside has to withstand wind,rain and sun, also because it is transparent, so the components support the glass wall are not afraid of sun. Many materials that under the uv rays of the sun will be damaged can not be used. As stainless steel glass spider fittings have the features of anti-pressure and anti-corrosion, so very good to use here.

Glass curtain wall in the connection is requested very tight, but also better stretching resistance.It should have the function of waterproof and windproof, don’t ooze water, when it rains and windy, also can’t leak. Besides, also have good anti noise abilit. Stainless steel glass spider fitting plays the leading role in the connecting of glass and glass. The quantity of stainless steel glass spider fittings required in use depend on the pieces of glasses and the demand of the design, so the most important is to do science connections, security and fixed.

Stainless steel glass spider fittings have a variety of shapes. The shapes of stainless steel glass spider fitting is decided by the design of the whole glass curtain wall and the shape of glass used. There are a variety of shapes of glass spider fittings, which are all used as a set. If it is one way glass spider fitting, then connect one bolt. If two ways, then use two bolts, if it is a three way spider fitting, use three bolts, in the same way, four ways should use four bolts can form a complete set. That is to say, more ways should use more bolts.

In the connection of stainless steel glass spider fittings and bolts, it is a technical question. Never look down upon the connection process, whether a sheet of glass curtain wall is strong and beautiful, the decision factor is whether the connection of glass spider fittings is smooth and solid. So, the connection must be meticulous, although the material is good, absolutely can’t occur technical problems caused by quality problems.

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