Aluminum Gravity Casting in China

CFS’ aluminum gravity casting facility is located at Ningbo, China and is ideally suited to producing medium to large run components from aluminium alloys. Aluminium gravity casting is a permanent mould casting process that produces very high quality surface finishes with thin walls and cast-in inserts so intricate shapes can be cast rapidly and little subsequent machining is required.

How Does Aluminum Gravity Casting Work?

Differently from aluminum pressure die casting, aluminum gravity casting pours the molten aluminum alloy from a pot into a specific mold by gravity only, without the use of additional pressure.

The aluminum alloy will get solidification and become the desired shape of the part. Taking the part from the mold and cut the sprue gate to achieve net shape. Once the part is removed, the mold can be used again, and the casting process is repeated. The mold can have a longer lifetime then the other casting processes.

The gravity die casting is a process that provides high dimensional accuracy for the creation of aluminum components in various sectors.

While maintain light weight, it still maintain good strength, durability and a very smooth surface finish.

Moreover, the aluminum gravity casting is a process that takes less time and less production cost compared to other casting process, such as stainless steel casting.

Benefits of Aluminum Gravity Casting in China

Aluminum Gravity Casting in China

As the top leading aluminum gravity casting foundry in China, CFS Foundry has cooperated with our customers on thousands of cast aluminum products, that serve for different sectors, especially in automotive and marine sectors. Here are the top four benefits of aluminum gravity casting in China.

Lower Cost
This is a no brainer. Lots of companies import aluminum gravity castings from China for saving money. Due to the high labour cost and material cost, customers from Eourpean and American countries need to pay more if manufacturing in a local factory. China is the world’s leading casting exporter which means they have a vast knowledge of aluminum casting production. Also, China’s labor force is relatively abundant. If you want to spend less money on production without sacrificing quality, CFS Foundry in China is the ideal source.

Long Casting History
China has a rich background of aluminum gravity casting and aluminum pressure casting. With years of experience in casting field, the casting skill is very mature and you do not need to worry about quality issue. So, if you want quality aluminum gravity castings from industry experts, China could be the place for you.

As the largest aluminum foundry in China, quality is always the first attention we need to pay. Lots of buyers compare prices in several casting companies in China, and would like to have the lowest price for their products, while maintaining the highest quality. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay, a quality aluminum gravity casting supplier could not offer the lowest price, you just need to know you get the reasonable price while high quality, this is more significant for long term cooperation.

Production Speed
Each benefit we’ve discussed so far contributes to the speed your products are manufactured and delivered to your place. In CFS Foundry, we have a districk quality control in each production step, which can guarantee a minimum rejection rate. If you want your aluminum gravity casting products delivered in time for your seasonal sale, China foundry like CFS is a good option.

If you are looking to lower your cost, just source aluminum gravity casting in China!

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