Aluminum Gravity Casting for Skateboard Truck Hanger & Baseplate

Skateboard truck, a T-shaped metal part, is a critical part of skateboard. Together with skateboard wheels and bearing, it is usually is mounted onto the underside of the skateboard. Normally, skateboard trucks are made up of several components, among which the skateboard truck hanger and baseplate are the aluminum pieces produced by gravity die casting process.

Gravity Cast Kateboard Trucks

  • Hanger: the most important and largest skateboard truck part. It connects to the base plate via the bushings and kingpin. Under the hanger is the pivot, which stays in the pivot cup.
  • Base plate: the foundation of the truck. The base plate connects to the board with four bolts. You can also find the pivot cup and kingpin on the base plate.

Cast Material: A356-T6 Aluminum Alloy

Most skateboard trucks are made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, biodegradable, and can grind well. With aluminum trucks, you will gain a better riding experience. In contrast, steel is heavier, stronger, and lasts longer, but it will weigh your deck down.

Cast aluminum A356 alloy is the most common used material for casting truck base plate and hanger. It has excellent corrosion resistance. Mechanical properties are outstanding, especially after given a T6 heat treatment. It is a more preferable metal, delivering both lightness and toughness to skateboard trucks. To even reducing more weight, titanium or magnesium alloy sometime is melted. However, they are more expensive.

Gravity Die Casting Process & Its Advantages

Aluminum Gravity Casting Skateboard Truck

Aluminum gravity casting is a process in which the molten aluminum is poured from a spoon into the mold. The aluminum is filled by making gravity pull in the combination. During this process, aluminum slowly flows into each corner. It prevents air bubbles from appearing as well. Gravity casting delivers a great surface finish thanks to rapid solidification. Skateboard truck hanger and baseplate produced by gravity casting is affordable and more durable.

Advantages of Gravity Casting for Skateboard Truck Hanger & Baseplate are:

Good Strength
Gravity casting is specific aluminum casting process that allows the use of a stronger A356 Aluminium alloy. It is more expensive to produce as fewer truck hangers and baseplates can be made at a time, but allows the use of stronger aluminium alloys, with a smoother surface finish. Tested in our lab, skateboard truck hanger and baseplate gravity poured from A356 are almost 10% strength than A380.

Smoother Surface Finish
Gravity Casting produces a more precise finish than other methods. This is especially important at the pivot. Gravity cast skateboard trucks can be cast using sand moulds (“Sand Casting”) or CNC’d steel moulds. However, sand casting is out for us – the finish is not fine enough, especially at the pivot. Die casting also gives a rougher surface finish than gravity casting.

Contact CFS Foundry

CFS Foundry is a China based aluminum gravity die casting factory, focusing on the custom casting service for skateboard truck hanger and baseplate manufacturing. Made from our customer’s drawings or samples, we can even add logo in the surface of the parts. If you are looking for quality cast aluminum skateboard truck parts with good prices, pls feel free to contact our foundry!

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