Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum casting is a specific manufacturing technique for aluminum components. Mold must be prepaid before starting aluminum casting process. The precision of the mold will have a direct effect on the shape and surface finish of the finished aluminum casting.

Cast Aluminum Parts in Aluminum Foundry

During aluminum casting process, aluminum ingot is heated to its liquid form under high temperature. The pouring or pressing liquid aluminum alloy into mold by gravity or additional pressure, depending on the aluminum casting method selected. After solifidication, quickly taking the castings from the mold, and doing post treatments such as shot blasting, powder coating, or post machining to achieve net shape products.

Aluminum castings have properties similar to other aluminum forgings. Once the casting process is complete, the aluminum castings quickly form an exterior layer of aluminum oxide that helps protect against corrosion. So, besides stainless steel castings, aluminum castings also have good corrosion resistance, while maintaining light weight.

Aluminum foundry is the specialized manufacturing company for cast aluminum parts. The aluminum foundry can design, engineer and manufacture aluminum castings to your specifications and application needs. Addtional machining service in aluminum foundries can guarantee high accuracy.

Types of Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Gravity Casting Foundry

The aluminum foundry who is professional on gravity die casting process. Gravity die casting, also refers to permanent mold casting, involves molds and cores of steel or other metal. Molten aluminum is usually poured into the mold under cavity. Gravity die castings can be made stronger than either die or sand castings. Common applied aluminum alloy in aluminum gravity casting foundry is A356-T6 aluminum.

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Foundry

The aluminum foundry who is professional on high or low pressure die casting process. The aluminum pressure die casting foundry forces molten aluminum into a steel die (mold) under high or low pressure. This manufacturing technique is normally used for high-volume production. Aluminum pressure die casting foundry can make precise aluminum parts requiring a minimum of machining. Common applied aluminum alloy in aluminum pressure die casting foundry is A380 aluminum.

Aluminum Sand Casting Foundry

The aluminum foundry who is professional on sand casting process. Sand casting is the most versatile method for producing aluminum products in aluminum foundry. The process starts with a pattern that is a replica of the finished casting. Aluminum sand casting foundry presses a pattern into a fine sand mixture to form the mold. The pattern is slightly larger than the part to be made, to allow for aluminum shrinkage during solidification and cooling. If the quantity is small, and the design is intricate or the part is relatively large, contact an aluminum sand casting foundry for your design is a good option.

About CFS Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Foundry

CFS is a comprehensive aluminum foundry, who can deal with both gravity die casting and pressure die casting processes. As a top leading aluminum foundry in China, we can suggest a most suitable casting method for your aluminum parts.

Aluminum castings from CFS Foundry present several advantages. They are lightweight while retaining strength at high temperatures. Moreover, aluminum castings made from our foundry have high dimensional stability no matter how complex the shape is, also have high thermal and electrical conductivity… You even do not to worry about the corrosion resistance. Aluminum castings in CFS Foundry have wide usage in the several industries, especially the automotive and marine industries.

In the past 30 years, CFS Aluminum Foundry has been meeting the needs of our customers in different designs. As a family owned manufacturing aluminum foundry in China, we well understand the importance towards quality control, cost reductions, on-time deliveries, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our aluminum foundry supports short or medium run requirements, and is flexible enough to ship aluminum castings in different transportation ways. We can meet your exact specifications using advance production equipments and high skilled, stable workforce. We are a team dedicated to offering the best quality from sampling development to mass production.

We provide proven full solutions for our customers including aluminum casting, T6 heat treatment, surface finishing, machining and even assembly. With many years’ innovation, we provide net-shape solutions to the most challenging products that other aluminum foundries cannot match. We strive to exceed your expectations in quality, delivery, and performance.

Looking for a most reliable aluminum foundry in China? Pls do not hesitate to contact us!

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