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Nowadays, aluminum dominates the metal market and has become the primary material for almost every product. Although there are many aluminum manufacturers competing in the market, no one can beat CFS Aluminum Foundry. We are the top leading aluminum casting manufacturer in China, operating from Ningbo. You can rely on us for a wide range of support facilities. This includes mold design, casting, heat treatment, surface treatment, and machining.

We entered this industry intending to provide our valued customers with high-quality aluminum castings. We have a strong technical team with rich experience in aluminum casting. Our experienced team can guide you in your design and help you convert your samples and drawings into unique castings. We can produce aluminum castings and machined parts according to customer requirements.

CFS aluminum foundry offers various advantages over aluminum castings from us. These advantages include; we produce lightweight material that can retain its strength even at high temperatures. Our foundry produces high dimensional stability regardless of the complexity of the shape while offering high thermal and electrical conductivity.

CFS aluminum foundry operates in various industries, but we widely serve the automotive and marine industries. The best thing is that when you do business with us, you don’t have to worry about corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Alloys Used in Our Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Alloys in Aluminum Foundry

A356 Aluminum Alloy
The best aluminum for use in aircraft, impellers, pump bodies, and other structural castings that require higher strength is the A356 aluminum casting alloy. It is considered the most suitable because it has good casting and machining performance for almost any product. Even complex and intricate aluminum castings may sometimes require A356 aluminum. It is used because it provides lightweight, pressure tightness, and excellent mechanical properties. Besides, it is used as an alternative to 6061 aluminum occasionally.

A360 Aluminum Alloy

A360 is an aluminum alloy known for its excellent pressure tightness and fluidity. It is coated with a high silicon sheet that offers strong corrosion resistance and strength under high temperatures. We also provide A360 aluminum die casting, which will make your product extremely corrosion-resistant and offers superior strength at increased temperatures. Your product will show better ductility than other aluminum alloys.

A380 Aluminum Alloy

The most common product used in the die casting process is A380 aluminum alloy because it has easy casting, machining, substantial heat transfer, and other characteristics. It has a high variability that can withstand high temperature and pressure. It is coated with several silicon layers, which makes it a bit rough. However, the A380 is known to be the best for machining because it is easy, but the roughness can sometimes cause obstacles. Since the A380 is the most common die casting product, a wide range of products are made from it. These products include engine mounts, electrical equipment frames, gearboxes, generators, furniture, and hand tools.

A383 (ADC12) Aluminum Alloy

This aluminum alloy has a high silicon content with low copper content. Though A383 aluminum alloy does not offer significant resistance against corrosion, you can count on it for slightly better corrosion resistance, hot crack resistance, fluidity, and strength at higher temperatures than the A380. A383 is also called ADC12 aluminum alloy. It is most often used to create cost-effective aluminum die castings that also facilitate manufacturing processes. Also, it can produce unlimited aluminum die castings internationally.

CFS Aluminum Foundry’s Capabilities

Aluminum Casting

CFS Aluminum Foundry’s core business is the supply of aluminum castings. We are experts in casting your drawings and samples into desired aluminum components. We do our best to meet the needs and specifications of our customers. In order to meet the various casting demands, we generally offer aluminum gravity casting and aluminum die casting in the following processes:

  • Aluminum Die Casting: The CFS foundry uses two different types of methods for aluminum die casting. These methods include high-pressure die casting and low-pressure die casting. For producing a high volume product, we pour molten aluminum into a steel die (mold) under high or low pressure. We have experience in manufacturing precise aluminum parts without the need for maximum machining. The most common aluminum alloys we use in the aluminum die casting process are A380, A360, and A383.
  • Aluminum Gravity Casting: Our foundry uses the process of gravity die casting of aluminum alloys for aluminum gravity casting, also known as the permanent mold casting process. We pour molten aluminum into the mold under the cavity during this process. We can make aluminum gravity castings stronger than aluminum die castings or sand castings. The alloy commonly used in our foundry for aluminum gravity casting is A356-T6 aluminum.

Heat Treatment

At CFS Foundry, you will have the opportunity to obtain a T6 heat treatment service for aluminum castings. This treatment is essentially a two-phase process, with aluminum casting being used to increase strength by 30%. This process is done when post-machining is required after casting. But you should keep in mind that this heat treatment is not suitable for all aluminum casting processes. We cannot use it for high-pressure aluminum die casting.

CNC Machining

However, we provide high precision aluminum castings. Still, sometimes post-machining is required to meet specific dimensional tolerances according to the customer’s drawing. We pride ourselves on having a variety of advanced machining equipment that is necessary for the casting process. The equipment includes drilling machines, CNC lathes, boring machines, CNC machines, etc. We always make sure to strictly inspect all machined aluminum castings before shipping them to customers.

Surface Finishing

The finishing requirements of every aluminum casting are different, and to meet these requirements, we provide a wide range of surface finishing methods. This includes sandblasting, shot blasting, anodizing, powder coating, mirror polishing, and so on.

Typical Products from CFS Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Castings from CFS Foundry

CFS is a professional aluminum foundry that produces customized, high-quality castings with unique features and surface finishes. We consistently offer some of the shortest lead times in our industry.

Medical Devices
The most commonly used medical devices are made entirely or partially of aluminum. Thus, being a suitable substrate, the aluminum casting seems ideal for medical devices. Medical devices made of cast aluminum are surgical tools, gearboxes, pump parts, etc.

Automotive parts
Likewise medical devices, many automotive parts are made from aluminum casting that we usually see everywhere. The most common parts that require aluminum casting are frames, cylinders, liner inserts, and many others.

Traffic Light Parts
You’ve seen traffic lights installed in many places. Have you ever wondered that their covers and housings are also made of cast aluminum? Aluminum casting has been used to create light housings and other traffic signal parts for many years. Aluminum is a preferred material for making these covers because it is inexpensive and lightweight. Besides, it is also a good conductor of electricity with strong thermal properties. CFS Foundry produces aluminum cast housings stronger than plastic housings, especially for locations that typically experience hurricanes and severe wind storms.

Outdoor Lighting Parts
As we have seen above, aluminum casting is ideal for traffic lights. Similarly, it is an excellent option for all types of outdoor lighting. Aluminum castings are not only used for light housings but also for a wide variety of lighting fixtures, including LED lamps that require heat dissipation in the fixture.

Firearms are not usually made of cast aluminum, but they are custom-made in some cases. Most parts of a rifle, shotgun, or pistol can be made from cast aluminum. Cast aluminum parts produced by CFS Aluminum Foundry are trigger guards, safeties, and many others.

Industrial Equipment Parts
Many industries are using a wide range of aluminum casted parts in their manufacturing plants. From wall mount bearing housings and air compressors to industrial pumps, porter cable pump housings and piston connecting rods, you can’t go a long distance in many industrial plants without passing by a aluminum casting piece.

Telecommunications Equipment Parts
Telecommunications equipment can be heavily reliant on cast aluminum parts with their high conductivity, low weight and durability. Aluminum cast telecommunications equipment parts can include: RF filters, antenna mounts, front face plates, electrical housings, etc.

Why Choose CFS Aluminum Foundry?

There are several reasons why CFS Aluminum Foundry is a top choice for companies that need high-quality aluminum castings. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Experience: CFS Aluminum Foundry has been in the industry for over 30 years. During this time, our company has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge that allows it to produce high-quality aluminum castings.
  • Quality Control: Our company has a strong commitment to quality control. It has implemented a quality control system that ensures that each casting meets the customer’s specifications. Our company also uses modern equipments and technology to ensure that each casting is produced to the highest standard.
  • Competitive Pricing: CFS Aluminum Foundry offers competitive pricing for its products. Our company understands that price is an important factor for its customers, and it works hard to offer affordable pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Customer Service: Our company has a team of experienced customer service representatives who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We work closely with customers to ensure that their needs are met and that they are satisfied with the products they receive.

Contact CFS Aluminum Foundry

In the past 30 years, CFS Aluminum Foundry has been meeting the needs of our customers in different designs. As a family owned manufacturing aluminum foundry in China, we well understand the importance towards quality control, cost reductions, on-time deliveries, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our aluminum foundry supports short or medium run requirements, and is flexible enough to ship aluminum castings in different transportation ways. We can meet your exact specifications using advance production equipments and high skilled, stable workforce. We are a team dedicated to offering the best quality from sampling development to mass production.

We provide proven full solutions for our customers including aluminum casting, T6 heat treatment, surface finishing, machining and even assembly. With many years’ innovation, we provide net-shape solutions to the most challenging products that other aluminum foundries cannot match. We strive to exceed your expectations in quality, delivery, and performance.

Looking for the best aluminum foundry in China? Pls do not hesitate to contact us!

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