Aluminum Die Casting vs. Zinc Die Casting

As a world leader die casting manufacturer in China, CFS Foundry pours vast quantities of aluminium die castings and zinc die castings each year. Our foundry is a world-class aluminium die casting company that can do it all and serves clients that range from auto manufacturers to lighting industry. CFS Foundry is also among the most renowned zinc die casting producers and has clients from large appliance manufacturers and the auto industry. Although aluminum and zinc alloys are frequently employed for die casting process, each has distinct properties which make them a more appropriate choice for particular applications or products. We well know the differences between aluminum die casting and zinc die casting.

Aluminum Die Casting vs. Zinc Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting & Its Advantages 

Aluminium alloys used in die casting are extremely light and possess the highest dimensional stability. They work especially well for intricate parts with complex geometry (including small walls). Aluminium alloys possess strong mechanical and corrosion resistance and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, making them an ideal alloy to use in die casting. It is not uncommon to find aluminium alloys being used in a myriad of uses, such as:

  • Electronics
  • Communications equipment
  • Lighting
  • Gear cases
  • Housings for lawnmowers
  • Tools for hand and electric power
  • Some automotive components

Although zinc alloys are simpler to finish or plate and polish, aluminium die-cast components are more flexible in their surface finishing. They can withstand greater operating temperatures compared to other nonferrous materials. CFS Foundry handles all aspects of the aluminium die casting production process, including the design of moulds and testing to high-quality aluminium parts manufacturing finishing, packaging and finishing.

Zinc Die Casting & Its Advantages

Zinc alloys are renowned for their excellent flexibility, strength of impact and capability to be easily coated or completed. They also have lower melting points than aluminium, which may help extend the die duration. Because of these advantages, it is less material required than using other alloys, allowing users to save time and money when they work on their projects. In the case of die-cast zinc manufacturing, CFS handles all aspects of the process. It starts with the mould design and testing, then continues with the manufacturing of zinc components, their finishing and packing.

Although they are often utilized in the construction and industrial sectors, some of the most frequent uses of zinc alloys are in automotive components. Certain parts of the automobile that zinc is typically utilized for are (but are not restricted to):

  • Interior aesthetic components
  • Other engine components and “under-the-hood” components
  • Power steering systems
  • Brake components and systems
  • Air conditioning components and systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Net-shaped complex housings
  • Electronic devices

It is interesting to note that due to the volume of parts production required, the automotive industry was at the very least responsible for die casting initially.

CFS Foundry – Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

CFS Foundry is a China-based company that is a full-service provider of top-quality products in aluminum die casitng, zinc die casting, precision machining, and tool or dies industries. To summarize the basics, zinc is thermally conductive and electrically conductive. It is also robust to corrosion, precise with large dimensions, can take a be moulded cold, and is completely recyclable.

Due to these advantages, Zinc alloys are often employed to create complicated metal parts that require a higher degree of strength and precision and precision, such as components with thin walls, which aren’t possible to make with other alloys. Additionally, aluminium is employed for producing precise, smooth, well-defined and textured-surfaced parts because it is light and strong, extremely resistant to corrosion and highly conductive. It is also affordable, and fully recyclable and more efficient in quickly producing huge quantities of parts. The choice of the alloy the best for your needs is generally based on specifications for the design, and our team is available to discuss the mechanical and physical properties required for your final product’s use.

CFS is a supplier to manufacturing companies and OEMs that require the best quality. From appliances to automotive, regardless of the product or service, CFS has the expertise to select the most suitable alloy for your die-cast item. Being an ISO registered and IATF approved die-casting business, we can also carry out military and government work projects. CFS solves issues with active die casting by turning complicated designs into a reality for our clients.

If you are finding an aluminum die casting manufacturer, contact CFS Foundry to request a quote or for more details.

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