Aluminum Die Casting Process

There are several casting methods: investment casting, die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, etc. If you’re looking for high-quality detailing-based production, there is no method better than aluminum die casting. The die casting industry is already emerging, and many metals are used for this purpose.

Aluminum is the most prevalent metal for manufacturing all types and styles of components. The primary feature is its solidity and capability to materialize multiple individual structures. The method of die-casting through aluminum is innovative and less time-consuming.

Product creation with aluminum die casting method has uncountable benefits. You can boost your production quality with this product creation method.

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

A liquid aluminum alloy is infiltrated through tools into a mold. At the time of casting, it is ensured that the quick and high-pressure injection makes the aluminum take the mold’s shape. This technique guarantees a highly delicate and invariant product formation every time.

It is almost impossible to count the aluminum die casting applications in different domains. From everyday products to the most sensitive pieces of equipment, you can see examples of products everywhere on the planet.

  • Lawn mower engines
  • Parking meters
  • Lighting tools
  • RV parts
  • Tools and Apparatus

The industries using this incredible process to make relevant parts and products in the field like:

  • Medical
  • Electrical
  • Commercial or Industrial

The aluminum alloy is the best chemical combination of the two or more metals for die-cast. It is the most legit way of molding various parts and products. They possess highly magnified properties when combined with other metals such as:

  • Silicon
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium and other compositions.

Aluminum mixed with these metals shows various properties. A durable and flexible product needs this kind of alloy formation die-cast. The ratio of mixing other metals with aluminum to form alloy depends upon the product’s features that will cast the die.

A380 & A383 (ADC12) aluminum alloy are one of the most usable die-casting alloys. It is used for making extraordinarily durable products. The main advantages of using A380 & A383 aluminum die casting are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cast
  • Mold complicated figures
  • Long-lasting

The Process of Aluminum Die Casting

The aluminum die casting process mainly consists of two phases. The first creation of the mold or die; that is hollow inside precisely the product’s shape. In the second phase of the process, aluminum alloy liquid is prepared and injected into a die to create an aluminum product in the exact form of the mold.

The detailed steps of the process are given below:

  • Mold creation

A die is produced out of steel alloy to cast the original product. It is essential to design the molds exactly the same size and shape. In short, a concave mold is made, ensuring that there is no air passage, leakage, or deformation within the mold.

A proper filling is only possible if there is no damage to the die-cast. There are two parts of the mold. They are joined together at the time of filling and separated when the product is ready to take out.

Two pieces are for simple products. There could be many parts of the die in the case of complex designs and details. There is one opening spot left to fill the liquid aluminum alloy.

The cavity inside the mold is filled through the hole before that the die is thoroughly lubricated, and the pieces are joined together to make it ready to get filled.

The three-dimensional cavity is filled with the alloy and left for the required period of time. Interestingly the molds are reusable until you get the repeated orders or the design of the product gets changed.

  • Injecting the Aluminum alloy

It is the quickest step of the process. The liquid is filled at a certain pressure in the die through injectors. The simultaneous step is really sensitive because you do not want your product come out deformed or damaged.

  • Cooling down the Aluminum

There is a certain time period for which the die-cast is left alone. It is called cooling down the aluminum. In this step the mold is bonded by the clamp and stays there for a couple of hours or days.

Once cooled down the liquid alloy is transformed into solid state. Just the way we wanted our product to be. Now it’s time to unclamped the mold and take out the final product from the mold. The repetition of these steps depends upon the number of identical products you want to produce.

Advantages of Using Aluminum Die Casting

It is very hard to sum up many of the positive advantages of aluminum die casting. To put simply the number of properties of aluminum are the main benefits of using this metal. For your convenience some of them are mentioned below:

  • The molds are customizable. You can decide the thickness and thinness of the product walls. You can also form variations in the product from simplicity to complexity.
  • Aluminum is an incredibly strong yet alight weight metal thus durable.
  • It is a quick process as compared to the other die-cast processes involved other metals as an alloy instead of Aluminum.
  • Aluminum is corrosion-resistant metal because of its chemical structure. These capabilities are essential to consider for die-cast products rather than choosing other metals prone to rust.
  • Aluminum is cost and time efficient. It is possible to make more products with the same mold quickly.
  • Aluminum is a good thermal and electrical conductor. It is a first only choice of manufacturers interested in making electrical products. Heat and electricity flow through aluminum easily.
  • Aluminum die-castingis reliable and dimensional stable. Products made through this process successfully maintain their original shape and structure.

In Summary

If you are looking for a long lasting, efficient, and cost effective procedure of die-casting. Aluminum is the one you should pick. Regardless of the product type and size aluminum die-cast will give commendable end results.

Manufacturing with the help of die casting is already popular globally. It is high time to switch to more trustworthy and cost effective procedures of die casting instead of stick to the out dated technologies. Aluminum die casting is the shining future of molding great products in great quantity and quality.

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