Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

Casting is a process of metal smelting and processing, usually using the gravity of the metal in the mold for casting. But, aluminum die casting is not done by gravity, but by applying pressure. It’s kind of like injection molding. But it has a high technical content of core pulling, cooling and other systems. In general, the material is delivered through a central entrance into a cavity to be cast and “injected” to form parts.


1. Good product quality, including:

  • High size accuracy, generally equivalent to ISO CT6~CT7, or even up to CT4.
  • Better surface finish than that of investment casting process.
  • The strength and hardness are high. The strength is generally increased by 25~30% compared with sand casting, but the elongation is reduced by about 70%.
  • Stable sizes, allowing for thin-walled complex castings.

2. High production efficiency: even if a small hot chamber die casting machine can die cast aluminum parts3,000~7,000 times in eight hours on average. The mold of aluminum die casting has a long life, which can reach hundreds of thousands of times, even millions of times.

3. Excellent economic effect: due to the precise size and good surface finish of aluminum die castings, generally no or little machining is required after casting. It not only improves the utilization rate of metal, but also reduces a lot of machining equipments and man-hours, that is why aluminum die casting is cheaper than aluminum sand casting process.


Aluminum die casting is not suitable for small batch production, the main reason is that the manufacturing cost of die casting aluminum mold is high, so the small batch production is not economic. For aluminum castings with low volume, aluminum gravity casting process can be selected.

CFS Foundry – Top China Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Aluminum die casting is the aluminum alloy die casting which is formed by applying high pressure to the molten metal in the mold cavity. At CFS Foundry, we offer custom aluminum die casting service with timely delivery to overseas companies. Centrally located in Ningbo, China, our company provides better prices but maintains the same good quality compared to American & Eourpean aluminum die casting manufacturers. To better serve customers, CFS Foundry introduced lean production management mode, IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality system to guarantee quality and fast delivery.


Common aluminum die casting materials are: ADC12, A380, A360, etc. Besides, we can also customize material according to our customer’s requirement.


  • Die Casting Equipments: 180T, 300T, 500T, 800T die-casting machines, and also equipped with automatic mechanical arm and transmission devices.
  • Machining Equipments: More than 30 imported CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, and all kinds of drilling machines, and equipped with ultrasonic cleaning, drying lines.
  • Surface Finishes: CFS has a post-treatment workshop to complete deburring, sandblasting, shot blasting and other processes (including powder coating, oxidation, electroplating, passivation, grinding, etc).

Casting Capabilities

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Die Casting Range The minimum wall thickness 0.8mm-1.0mm
The largest size 900mm * 400mm
The minimum weight 10g
The Maximum weight 10kg

Machining Accuracy

Machining for Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Machining Accuracy Dimensional accuracy 3 ~ 5 microns
Flatness 5 microns
Parallelism 5 microns
Verticality 5 microns
Concentricity 5 microns

Why CFS?

  • CFS Foundry has a professional and senior mould engineer team to provide the best mould design scheme. To ensure product quality and die service life, we use domestic H13 or imported DIEVAR material as the mold material.
  • For mass production, we can die cast aluminum parts in different sizes.
  • We have accumulated rich experience in the internal air hole control and air tightness requirements of thick wall aluminum die castings, which can meet the requirements of modern automobile parts.
  • Various surface finishes are available in our foundry. So, we can supply aluminum die castings with high surface finish requirement.
  • We have completed inspection equipments and toolings, with professional quality control team. To meet customer’s requirement, we provide full testing of products before delivery including sizes, material, flatness, air tightness, etc.

If you are sourcing a good aluminum die casting manufacturer in China, pls feel free to contact us!

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