Aluminum Die Casting In China for Automotive Industry

Many automotive companies from UK, USA, Canada, Canada and so on, are sourcing their automotive components made from aluminum die casting in China. The higher demands on automotive die casting parts makes some top leading aluminum die casting companies like CFS Foundry booming. Aluminum die castings are used in a variety of automotive manufacturing processes.

Aluminum Die Casting In China for Autotomotive Industry

The automotive companies are expecting their orders to increase by nearly 40 percent over the next six years in China. This is due to the recovering and growing economies in those areas. Right now, die casting production is less expensive in China than it is in the United States. Although the United States has placed some tariffs on imported steel products and other metal products manufactured in China, there are still fewer tariffs on aluminum die castings that make outsourcing worth it. Most of the companies plan to sell the products directly in China and Europe to car manufacturing companies located in those countries. Selling the products in the same country where they are produced helps prevent import fees and high shipping costs that come from shipping metal parts across the world.

Nowadays, aluminum die casting for automotive industry has become more popular because die casting is a low-waste metal production process that can produce a variety of complex shapes without expensive production processes. With die casting, it is possible to shape aluminum, zinc and other metals into strong and durable shapes that improve the performance of automotive vehicles. Aluminum die casting is less expensive right now than some other processes, such as investment casting and drop forging.

CFS Foundry has been in die casting industry for more than 30 years, and we are able to provide custom service on aluminum die casting for different automotive components. Want to expand your aluminum die casting business in China for your automotive parts? Pls feel free to contact us!

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