Aluminum Die Casting for Brackets

Brackets are the common hardwares to creat different products for a lot of industries. The fuction of brackets is to ensure that the components will not move and stay in place. Typical application of brackets are like lighting fixtures, aircrafts, chocolate fountains, automobiles and constructions. Its purpose is to make sure that other parts in the product does not move and stays in place. For example, brackets are used in construction becuase it can keep the beams in the proper angles while they are being built. Therefore, strength is a important factor to consider when using brackets, because they need to bear the weight of the part that they are holding.

Aluminum Die Casting for Brackets

Cast aluminum material is selected to make brackets. Aluminum brackets has several advantages over the use of other metals such as steel.

  • Aluminum brackets weighs significantly less than steel brackets, in fact it is just a third of its weight.
  • Aluminum shows good corrosion resistance, and will not rust.
  • Aluminum can be reclyclyed and obtained in most parts, which is easily procured.
  • Steel brackets are gerenally welded, whereas aluminum brackets are die casted and shows greater strength.
  • Aluminum brackets are electrically conductive.

Aluminum brackets are commonly made through the process known as aluminum die casting. The first step in this process is to melt the solid aluminum bars into liquid form so that it can be injected into molds for solidification, After few seconds, the aluminum will get solidified and be cooled down. After cooling, the castings will be taken out from the molds and the aluminum brackets form.

Aluminum die casting process is used to creat brackets for below reasons:

  • The daily output of aluminum die casting can reach thousands of pieces.
  • Mounting holes are produced without additional machining, which saves both time and cost.
  • Brackets made from aluminum die casting are with a great quality finish.
  • Many different coatings are available.
  • Casting into one peice is much stronger than welding.
  • Aluminum die cast brackets are lighter.

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