Aluminum Casting of Spray Head Nozzles for Water Trucks

Water Truck

Spray head nozzle is one of the main components for water trucks. It is usually designed and produced in aluminum casting process. At CFS Foundry we are able to supply aluminum casting services for custom water truck spray head nozzles at the lowest prices. We work closely with our customers to make sure the finished spray head nozzles meet the drawing specifications.

Material: A356-T6 Aluminum Casting Alloy

Aluminum Casting of Spray Head Nozzles for Water Trucks

A356 aluminum alloy is the premium material available to cast water truck spray head nozzles. It is very stable and strong, allowing aluminum casting manufacturers to achieve more complexity in the shapes and designs of spray head nozzles. Thin walls are also possible. Additionally, A356 aluminum alloy has a low weight and is resistant to corrosion. With T6 heat treatment, the mechanical properties and strength retention under high temperatures are all excellent.

Aluminum Gravity Die Casting Method for Spray Head Nozzles

Aluminum gravity die casting, often referred to as permanent mold casting, is a form of aluminum casting that is ideal for creating repeatable spray head nozzles in medium- and high-volume parts. Different from high pressure die casting process, only gravity is used to fill molten metal into the mold. This technique is a perfect solution for producing different types of spray head nozzles in quick turnaround and mass production. The parts produced via this method tend to be thinner than those produced by sand casting, but are heavier and thicker than those produced by high-pressure die casting.

Aluminum casting of spray head nozzles offers various advantages for water truck manufacturers:

1. With gravity die casting process, aluminum casting can produce spray head nozzles for water truck with the lowest manufacturing cost.
2. Aluminum alloy is only one-third lighter than steel alloys. Cast aluminum spray head nozzles in lighter weight can help to increase fuel efficiency and offer lower operation costs.
3. Aluminum casting can also creat net shape water truck spray head nozzles, which can save surface finishing cost.
4. The tooling cost of gravity die cast spray head nozzles is less expensive than the tooling of die cast ones.

Contact CFS Foundry

CFS Foundry is the best choice for high-integrity aluminum casting, tooling and machining. As a China-based manufacturer, we have been a major player in aluminum casting of water truck parts for over 30 years. We also offer heat treatment, CNC machining and surface finishing. Our primary focus is competive prices, high quality and impressive services.

We can help you to cast the water truck spray head nozzles no matter the type you are looking for. If you have any inquries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be proactive to offer you a solution within 24 hours!

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