Aluminum Casting of Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust manifold is a critical part of an exhaust system in a marine boat or vehicle, which is designed to cool down engine and outgas the exploded gasses leaving the engine. Due to the complicated structure of exhaust manifold, it is usually designed and manufactured by casting technique. Considering the exhaust manifold needs to be corrosion resistant, the common materials are aluminum and stainless steel in the market. Cast aluminum exhaust manifold is becoming more and more popular, which is replacing cast stainless steel exhaust manifold gradually.

Process: Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting of Exhaust Manifold

Cast aluminum alloys offer a good castability, including a relatively high fluidity and low melting point. Depends on the volume and usage, the casting method to produce aluminum exhaust manifold could be gravity die casting or high pressure die casting. Befor casting, the mold is prepared whose cavity is the same as the exhaust manifold. Once the mold is ready, melting the aluminum ingot into the oven under high temperature for liquid status, then pouring or pressing the liquid aluminum alloy into the mold. After cooling and solidification, taking the solid castings from the mold and remove the sprue gate by grinding machine.

There are many positives to using a cast aluminum exhaust manifold. Compared with the stainless steel one, the aluminium cast exhaust manifold is lighter, cost-effective and highly workable.

Advantages of Cast Aluminum Exhaust Manifold

  • You won’t add extra weight: One of the main benefits of using cast aluminum exhaust manifold is the fact that they won’t add extra weight to to the exhaust eystem. When you need to ensure the speed or balance aluminum exhaust manifold is usually a good choice.
  • It’s resistant to corrosion and heat: Due to its high melting point and higher levels of durability, you won’t have to worry about aluminum exhaust manifold will rust. Besides, it is highly corrosion resistant and heat resistant in hot temperatures or tough conditions.
  • It’s cost effective: Whether you have limited budget and want to save money, aluminum casting is suitable to produce the exhaust manifold, while stainless steel is much more expensive.

Working with CFS

CFS Foundry can supply OEM service following the drawing’s specification. Located in Ningbo, China, we can export cast aluminum exhaust manifold to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

At CFS, our full-service shop and experience with aluminum casting ensure project success. We have our own dedicated facility (no out-sourcing), access to the best equipment in the business, and a top customer service and testing team. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop casting service for your exhaust manifold or other aluminum casting project, CFS Foundry is ready to be your partner.

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