Aluminum Casting of Dock Cleat

Dock cleats are an essential accessory to secure the boat to the dock, which are installed to securely tie your boat down to keep it from floating away. Boat cleats have many uses, install them on your boat to tie boat fenders to the sides of your boat for bumper protection. Due to the multi types of dock cleats, they are generally made by aluminum casting or stainless steel casting process. Cast aluminum dock cleat is very strong and durable. Also the cost is not expensive.

Aluminum Casting of Dock Cleat

The material selection largely depends on the purpose of the cleat. Cast aluminum dock cleat is designed for use with a light weight boat, canoe, or kayak.

Aluminum Casting Method

Gravity Die Casting is the right casting method to cast dock cleats in A356 aluminum alloy, where the molten metal is poured into the casting mould or die for quick solidification. This means the mould/die only fills via gravity and this filling process is controlled by tilting the metal die to adjust flow. Gravity die casting is usually used to manufacture parts from non-ferrous materials such as aluminium or low-temperature alloys.

Auminum casting advantages of dock cleats include:

  • Suitable for both low or high volume.
  • Minimum investment on the mould cost compared to pressure die casting method.
  • Cast aluminum can provide excellent mechanical properties that are also suitable for heat treatment.

Contact CFS Foundry

CFS Foundry manufactures high quality aluminum dock cleats following our customer’s design. With aluminum gravity die casting process, the dock cleats made in our foundry have a very accurate dimension, smooth surface finish, and high tensile strength.

CFS carrys out mould/die making and aluminium gravity casting to customer specification. With over 30 years of experience, we have developed an unrivalled competence in aluminum casting.

Our abilities to maufacture castings using a variety of highly skilled production methods is one of the main reasons for us being a foundry leader in China. For a quick and easy no-obligation quotation on cast aluminum dock cleats or other cast parts, pls contact us to send your inquiry!

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