Aluminum Casting of Chair Legs

Aluminum alloy has good casting property. Due to the low melting point (pure aluminum melting point 660.230C, aluminum alloy pouring temperature is about 730 ~ 750oC), it can be widely used in casting methods such as gravity die casting and high pressure die casting, which will improve the inner quality of casting, dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness and production efficiency. Due to the large latent heat of solidification of aluminum alloy, under the same weight condition, the solidification process time of liquid aluminum is much longer than that of cast steel and cast iron, which is favorable for casting thin-wall and complex structure parts.

Aluminum casting of chair legs is the custom casting process of aluminum alloy to form any shape chair leg you want. Generally, the liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy is poured or pressed into the mold cavity, and the obtained shapes and sizes of aluminum chair legs are usually called cast aluminum chair legs.

Why Aluminum Casting of Chair Legs?

Cast Aluminum Chair Legs

If you decide to go with metal chair legs, as opposed to wood or plastic, aluminum casting is one of the best choices available. Cast aluminum chair legs have some incomparable advantages, such as beauty, light weight, corrosion resistance and other advantages, so that it is widely favored by users all over the world.

To understand better, let’s take a closer look at some main reasons why you should consider aluminum casting to produce chair legs:

Light Weight
Due to its low density, aluminum is known to be lightweight, and you will find that cast aluminum chair legs are much lighter than cast iron ones. This light weight feature means that cast aluminum chair legs are easier to move than cast iron ones, but feels strong and is not as likely to blow over on a windy day. You may especially appreciate this characteristic if you ever want to relocate your chair set. Aluminum casting is also known to be very robust and durable for its weight, so you can expect several years of life out of any piece of chair legs that is made of this material.

The Beauty
It’s worth noting that cast aluminum chair legs is different than your average aluminum chair legs. Unlike tubular frame aluminum, which is hollow and bent into shape, cast aluminum is poured hot into a mold. This casting method makes it easy to achieve finely detailed surface textures of all kinds.

By using aluminum casting, unlike iron casting and steel casting, chair legs will not rust. The lack of rust on cast aluminum chair legs is a benefit no matter where you are, but may mean more to you if you live in a humid climate, such as on the coast, where salt water and marine fog can wreak havoc on all kinds of materials.

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