Top Aluminum Casting Manufacturer in China

CFS Foundry is a top leading aluminum casting manufacturer located in Ningbo, China. Our company provides high quality aluminum castings to a wide variety of industries. Utilizing various aluminum casting processes to suit different products’ demands, CFS company has earned a reputation for producing high-integrity parts from the simple to the complex in a cost-effective and Customer-driven manner.

Parts made from aluminum casting are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and highly conductive. By the uses of three distinct casting processes – gravity die casting, high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting, we have a great deal of flexibility and capability in the areas of finish, tolerances and geometry. With over 30 years of casting experience, CFS interfaces with its Customers as required to assist them in achieving all their casting requirements from inception to application.

Top Aluminum Casting Manufacturer in China

3 Types of Aluminum Casting Methods in CFS Company

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting, also named as permanent mold casting, is a common aluminum casting method allowing for creating parts in various thicknesses, sizes and weights. And, it is suited to either low, medium or high-volume production. Maximum weight of gravity die cast aluminum parts usually is about 10 kg.

Aluminum gravity die castings are gravity-fed and the pouring rate is relatively low, compared to die casting method, the production effeciency is slightly lower. Mechanical properties of aluminum gravity die castings can be further improved by heat treatment, so aluminum castings made from gravity die casting process exhibit excellent mechanical properties.

High Pressure Die Casting

High-pressure die casting is the aluminum casting process by pressing aluminum fluid under high pressure (approximately 1200 bar) into a steel mold through a cylinder-pistol. Liquid aluminum is pumped at high speed and solidifies quickly to form the aluminum casting parts.

There are two types of cast chambers in high-pressure aluminum die casting:

  • Hot chamber: is a casting chamber where the cylinder and pistol are located in a furnace system and have the same temperature as the melting point of aluminum alloy.
  • Cold chamber: is a casting chamber where the molten aluminum alloy is poured into the cylinder, then the piston pushes the metal into the mold through great pressure. This pistol is not placed in the oven and is considered to be cool. The cold chamber is mainly used for aluminum alloys.

Aluminum high pressure die casting is suitable for mass production of small details, weighing about 5kg, thin cutting surface, and about 0.4mm thickness. The larger the aluminum casting part, the higher the cost.

Low Pressure Die Casting

Low pressure die casting is similar to high pressure die casting process, but different pressure to press the liquid metal. With low-pressure die casting, the mold is filled with liquid metal from a pressure-adjustable crucible (usually 0.7bar).

The metal annealing furnace is located below (instead of horizontally like high-pressure aluminum die casting), the molten aluminum is pumped directly from the bottom up to fill the mold.

Low-pressure die casting is suitable for manufacturing aluminum castings with wall thickness of 3mm or more, and the volume can be up to 150kg.

CFS’ Secondary Operations of Aluminum Casting

Secondary Operations of Aluminum Casting

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment, such as T5, T51, T6 and T61, is allowed to improve the mechanical and physical properties of our aluminum castings, which is a vital process for producing the high-strength, lightweight castings that various industries rely on for their products.


CFS Foundry can provide completely machined aluminum castings. Vertical CNC machining centers are utilized to provide precision milling, drilling, tapping, and boring to consistently conform to complex part specifications. Our programmable fourth axis indexing tables allow rotational access to multiple sides of a part for single set-up processing. Multiple spindle and single spindle drilling and tapping units complement the CNC machining centers, providing additional capability for machining of single or uniquely-oriented features.

Surface Finishing

To meet various surface finishing requirements, CFS provides different surface finish ways for selection, including shot blasting, sand blasting, anodization, powder coating, etc.

Why Choose CFS For Your Aluminum Casting Manufacturer?

  • From design concept to production and packaging, CFS is a global aluminum casting manufacturer with clients ranging from automobile manufacturers to the U.S. military and beyond.
  • We are not limited to cast only aluminum alloys A356, A380, ADC12, other cast aluminum alloys are also accepted, just pls advise the chemical composition and mechanical properties if they are not commonly used.
  • CFS solves problems. Our clients value our ability to turn complex design specifications into reality.
  • CFS handles all aspects of aluminum cast manufacturing, from mold design and testing to precision aluminum parts manufacturing, finishing, and packaging.

With over 30 years of experience as an aluminum casting manufacturer, CFS has evolved into a global leader utilizing its skilled professionals to manufacture high-quality aluminum castings for international companies in the most cost-effective manner. Our aluminum casting company strives for high quality products with quick delivery!

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