Aluminum Casting for Lighting Parts

As one of the leading aluminum casting manufacturers in China, CFS Foundry can customize high-quality cast aluminum lighting parts following your drawing’s specification. We provide a full solution of aluminum casting services for lighting parts for both outdoor and indoor use. With more than 30 years’ expenrience in casting aluminum lighting parts, we have won great reputation from our customers.

Aluminum Casting Methods for Lighting

Aluminum Casting for Lighting Parts

Die Casting: Die casting is a great way to cast aluminum lighting parts. The finished die cast lighting parts have excellent dimensional accuracy with less or no machining. In die casting, however, molten metal is often injected into the mold at high pressure. The high pressure results in greater detail and finer surface finish compared to other casting methods, but durability of die castings can be compromised by trapped pockets of air. While die casting is preferred for high-volume runs of smaller parts, the complexity of die castings is limited. The configuration of the die casting apparatus limits the variety of cores that can be inserted.

Aluminum Die Casting Lighting Parts

Gravity Casting: Gravity casting is another way to cast aluminum lighting parts. It is mainly used to cast different types of lighting bases or houses. In gravity casting, the aluminum alloy is poured to fully filled the mold under gravity and forms the solid cast lighting parts directly after solidification. Compared to die casting, its production process is more simple.

Either die casting or gravity casting for lighting parts has its own advantages. While the initial mold cost of gravity casting is low, and it is cost effective to creat lighting parts in low volume. However, if the structure is complex, and there is a high dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirement, die casting is the right way to go. Each aluminum casting method is available in our aluminum foundry, we can suggest how to save money for your cast aluminum light products you need.

Why Aluminum Casting for Light Parts?

Due to the low density of aluminum alloy, aluminum casting can creat light parts with light weight, which is about a third of the weight of steel casting, this light weight also helps to reduce noise. Morever, there is no need to worry about the strength while choosing aluminum casting, the strength keeps good.

Good Thermal Conductivity
Lighting parts cast from aluminum alloy have excellent thermal conductivity which is three times greater than cast steel, which is an important reason for lighting manufactures to choose aluminum casting as the solution for both cooling and heating applications which include heat sink for LED lights and computer motherboards.

High Electricity Conductivity
Aluminum casting of lighting parts can achieve high electrical conductivity, high enough to be used as an electrical conductor this is why it is the first choice for most electrical power transmission lines.

Good Corrosion Resistance (Perfect For Outdoors)
After aluminum casting, the surface of lighting parts forms a natural protective thin oxide coating that prevents the lighting parts from corrosion when installed in outdoor.

Contact CFS – The Aluminum Casting Specialists

CFS Foundry is a full-service provider of global aluminum lighting manufacturing services. Our value to our customers is our ability to provide full solutions including aluminum casting, heat treatment, machining, surface finish, etc.

We take great pride in our ability to supply high quality products while maintaining low prices for our customers worldwide. Contact our aluminum foundry today to request a free quote for your cast aluminum lighting project!

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