Aluminum Casting for Container Corner Fittings

The corner fittings of a shipping container are designed to link to other containers horizontally and vertically, as well as to other modes of transportation such as ship, train, and road.

Normally, a container includes the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right corner fittings, and each type fitting comes in two pieces, for a total of eight container corner fittings.

Shipping Container Corner Fittings

The shipping container corner fittings are generally manufactured by casting. We can produce corner fittings in both stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Compared with cast stainless steel, cast aluminum is likewise versatile and erosion safe, with slender dividers that keep up with phenomenal dimensional strength and might be used in for all intents and purposes any industry, so more and more cast aluminum container corner fittings are replacing traditional stainless steel ones.

Why Aluminum Casting for Container Corner Fittings?

Aluminum casting is a metal-forming method that permits complicated aluminum pieces to be created. Aluminum alloy ingots are heated to extremely high temperatures until they are completely molten. The liquid aluminum is poured or injected under high pressure into a steel die, also known as a mould. The die is divided into two pieces, which are separated when the liquid metal has hardened to expose the cast aluminum portion.

With aluminum gravity casting method, the aluminum container corner castings are accurately shaped and has a smooth surface, requiring little machining. Aluminum gravity casting is perfect for high-volume manufacture of aluminum parts since steel dies are utilised and the process may be repeated many times with the same mould before it deteriorates.

Aluminum Gravity Casting has a number of benefits over other metal-forming methods that may make it the best option for shipping container corner fittings, espcially the capacity to deliver lighter parts with more surface completing choices than other cast metals.

Besides, it has good capacity to construct extremely complicated forms that neither extraction nor machining can achieve. The manufacture of container corner casting fittings is an excellent illustration of this. Other methods are unable to reliably achieve the product’s complexity and strict tolerances.

Work with CFS Foundry for Container Corner Casting Project

Aluminum Container Corner Castings

Since our container corner castings are produced in metal moulds, dimensional variety between pieces is negligible, and tight resilience is kept up with consistently. Our capacity to arrive at the best degrees of exactness and accuracy has permitted us to deliver high quality aluminum cast container corner fittings that can not meet by machining or other methods, saving our customers a lot of money.

The keys to ensuring high-quality container corner castings are process control and upfront engineering. This is most likely why our internal scrap and failure rates are higher than industry averages. To summarise, we strive for Zero-Defects by closely monitoring all processes and devoting significant resources to tooling development and design.

If you have a container corner casting project, and are looking for a reliable aluminum foundry in China, pls feel free to contact us!

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