Advantages of Stainless Steel Casting in China

CFS Stainless Steel Foundry is in Ningbo, which is the second largest harbor city in China, so we’re easy to do business with companies from USA, UK, CANADA, Australia, etc. In China, the lower cost structure allows us to provide lower pricing to our customers. In addition to lower pricing for stainless steel casting, there are other advantages in producing stainless steel castings for you in China.

• Quality: There’s a perception of China being a low-quality, high-quantity supplier. In the 1950s, Japan had a reputation for mass-produced, cheap, but inferior, products. Thirty years later, they became known for quality, delivery and efficiency. China is undergoing that same transition, with companies like CFS leading the way in delivering high-quality products.

• Management Practices: China is an economic powerhouse, and both the Harvard Business Review and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan Management Review published articles praising the modern management practices in China. “Chinese companies teach us management’s current imperatives: responsiveness, improvisation, flexibility and speed,” gushes an HBR article. “Chinese companies…are higher in energy and much more nimble than most Western corporations are.”

• Expertise: The employees at our wholly-owned-and-operated Ningbo, China plant are experts in stainless steel casting. Engineering, as a discipline, is structured a little differently in China. Students don’t just become “engineers” – they are trained very specifically in stainless steel casting. Ningbo, where our plant is located, is an epicenter for stainless steel casting – our location is at the heart of the industry.

• Work Ethic: Our employees in China are willing to work flexible hours, and they happily accept overtime. Having this flexibility allows us to complete projects very quickly and compete on speed with U.S. plants. Even with shipping time factored in, our turnaround time is faster than that of our competitors.

CFS Stainless Steel Casting Company can offer quality products, reasonable prices and good service to all our customers. Just contact us for a free quote if you are sourcing stainless steel casting in China.

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