A360 Aluminum Die Casting Alloy

When you are designing aluminum parts and are required to create complex parts for your customized industrial parts, there is nothing better than aluminum die casting. While there may be numerous other methods to opt for, this process is the designers’ most commonly used option.

Die-casting is one of the forms of aluminum casting. It is a metal-forming process where ingots of aluminum are put under very high temperatures to be formed into a liquid. The molten aluminum is then injected into a mold under high pressure.

Once cooled down and settled into the mold taking its shape, they are bifurcated to end up as cast aluminum parts. Aluminum die-casting is done on several alloys. But this guide is about A360 aluminum die casting alloy, where we explore this special alloy and its suitability for die-casting.

Overview of the A360 Aluminum Alloy

A360 Aluminum Die Casting Alloy

A360 Chemical Composition %
Al Cu Mg Fe Ti Ni Zn Mn Si Other
Balance 0.6 0.4-0.6 ≤1.3 ≤0.15 ≤0.5 0.5 0.35 9.0-10.0 0.25

The A360 aluminum alloy is known for its higher corrosion resistance characteristic, durability, and temperament to endure higher temperatures. However, despite all that, it is also considered to be challenging to cast, unlike other aluminum alloys. As a result, many die casting manufacturers even tend to prevent using this alloy for die casting.

Nonetheless, A360 is known for its ability to provide superior strength at extremely high temperatures, higher resistance to corrosion, and enhanced ductility. Depending on your casting needs and abilities, you might want to consider A360 alloy.

A360 aluminum casting alloy is primarily well-suited for low-pressure or high-pressure die casting. This particular alloy holds a significant amount of silicon which gives it the ability to endure high strength pressures and helps in easy melting.

As mentioned above, the known characteristics of A360 Aluminum alloy allow the particular kind to be used in various areas, such as manufacturing automobile controller shells, automobile oil pans, LED lamp housing, 5G communication boxes, and so on.

Aluminum Die Casting Process for A360 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum casting is a manufacturing process that deals with complex parts using die-casting molds, also known as dies. This process involves using the following items:

  • Metal
  • Die casting machine
  • Die
  • Furnace

Amongst other options, A360 aluminum alloy is one of the most used aluminum alloys for industrial needs. Typically, the A360 aluminum alloy is melted in a furnace under extremely high temperatures and injected into a mold using the die-casting machine.

The molten liquid is then left to be set and cooled to form the shape of the final cast part. This is when you can consider using such parts for the actual purpose it was required to be designed.

The A360 aluminum alloy works with both high-pressure and low-pressure die casting. The former is mainly used for thin wall-thickness aluminum products with significant volume production, while the latter is preferable for thick aluminum products where even a small volume will suffice.

Benefits of A360 Aluminum Die-Casting Alloy

There are various reasons why aluminum is used so widely worldwide. Being a lightweight option for metal, the most common reason for using this particular type of alloy for die casting is that it forms very delicate parts without impacting its other properties, i.e., strength and durability.

Almost every other buyer looks for aluminum die-cast goods, which increases demand.

One of the core factors in opting for the A360 aluminum die-casting process is that this particular alloy and approach focuses on the quick production of parts, resulting in a high volume of die-casting parts.

In fact, the die-casting process yields bulk parts and is also known to be one of the most cost-efficient ways.

If you want to know more about aluminum die-casting for A360 alloy and would like some help determining if it is the right choice for your application, you’re in the right place.

Here are 4 primary benefits of opting for the A360 alloy in the aluminum die-casting process.

1. Production

The aluminum die-casting process is often considered to be used when complex and large parts are to be formed. Most industries have different requirements and, thus, often demand composite parts which can only be created by following such a casting process.

To fill the gap, the aluminum die-casting is usually done on A360 aluminum alloy to cater to such industrial parts demand.

2. Higher Resilience

One of the properties of A360 Aluminum Alloy, when die-cast, is such that when it is put under higher temperature to melt, unlike other types of aluminum, this particular kind allows it to get back to its shape if required, even after it has been bent or stretched.

This means it can easily be formed in any shape or design, which is why this alloy is commonly used.

3. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is one of the biggest problems when dealing with different metals. Suppose you are looking for options to overcome this issue, especially knowing that you have to deal at the industrial level.

In that case, there is nothing better than opting for A360 aluminum die casting alloy. They are known to be highly corrosion resistant, resulting in long-lasting and durable aluminum goods.

4. Highly Ductile

Whether any business requires large parts to be created or very small ones, one of the core properties of A360 aluminum alloy is such that it never fails to surprise one with its ductility feature.

A360 aluminum alloy can be beaten intensely to become very thin, even thinner than a piece of paper. So no matter what your requirement for a finished product is, this alloy is known to take that shape and be ready for you.

A360 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer – CFS Foundry

A360 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

At the end of the day, the type of aluminum casting process you should choose highly depends on the number of goods you want to produce, the budget, and the exact purpose of a particular aluminum for your final good.

Aluminum die-casting is a highly used method that caters to many businesses, so we suggest you choose CFS Foundry when it comes to choosing the best aluminum die-casting services.

CFS Foundry is a top leading aluminum casting manufacturer in Ningbo, China. We can deal with aluminum die casting parts in different alloy, including A360, A380, ADC12, etc. Our aluminum die casting services are well known in the market because of the professional die designs, which ensure all ISO-certified requirements are followed, and skilled manufacturing is done.

Not only this, but CFS Foundry also ensures that excellent quality control each time is taken into account and consistency is maintained at all times.

Our utmost priority is to keep our customers satisfied by providing them with top-grade aluminum casting services and guiding them with the best knowledge they require for their businesses.

We are always available to assist our clients with their manufacturing needs by committing to producing quality products. Any inquiry on A360 aluminum die casting item, pls feel free to contact

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