A356 Aluminum Casting for Skateboard Truck Baseplate

The baseplate is a critical skateboard truck part, which is bolted onto the bottom of the skateboard deck. The baseplate is usually held onto the deck by the use of bolts and nuts.

A356 Aluminum Casting for Skateboard Truck Baseplate

To be light and strong, such skateboard truck baseplate are always designed and created by cast aluminum. CFS Foundry is the right aluminum casting manufacturer for custom skateboard truck parts including baseplate.

A356-T6 Aluminum Casting Material

Alloy  Chemical Composition (%)
A356 C Mg Mn  Si Fe Zn Ti Al
≤0.2 0.25-0.45 ≤0.10 6.5-7.5 ≤0.2 ≤0.1 ≤0.2 Balance

A356 aluminum is a typical aluminum casting alloy to cast skateboard truck baseplate. It has good casting performance, such as good fluidity, no hot crack tendency, small line shrinkage rate, and good air tightness, etc.

All these features provides A356 baseplates in lightweight and perfect mechanical properties.

Of course, this type of cast aluminum alloy can also be used to produce other intricate and complex aluminum casting components.

T6 heat treatment offers increase in hardness and other mechanical properties, which is often required for a356 aluminum castings.

Aluminum Casting Method: Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Die Casting, also known as permanent mold casting, is recommended to cast skateboard truck baseplate.

Before gravity die casting process, the mould is first designed and made according to the 3D file of the part, the cavity of the mould is the exact shape of skateboard truck baseplate. When the mold is prepared, the molten aluminum alloy is poured from a ladle into the mould and fills the cavity fully under the workforce of gravity other than pressure. Once the metal is cooled and solified, the casting blanks will be taken from the mould, and cut into an individual component.

Compared to sand casting, this process offers better surface finish as well as better mechanical properties, also the casting rate is higher. However, the unit price is a bit high due to the higher production cost.

In summary, gravity die casting is a cost effective way to make skateboard truck baseplates due to its good surface finish, less machining operation and high quality.

Secondary Operation

CNC Machining 

The general liner tolerance of aluminum gravity casting is ISO 8062 CT8 level. To fit with skateboard deck better, several holes should be post machined. After machining, the holes tolerance can be controlled within ±0.10mm. In CFS Foundry, we have aluminum CNC machining capacity in our own shop, so it is very convenient for us to machine skateboard truck baseplate castings, and the machining cost is lower compared to outsourced machining factories.

Surface Finish: Powder Coating

As anodization effect is not good for aluminum gravity casting parts, powder coating is preferred to color the skateboard truck baseplate after casting.  it is an excellent finishing method that provides a combination of aesthetics, durability and sustainability. CFS Foundry can paint skateboard truck baseplates with different colors, like yellow, orange, black, etc.

Any inquiry on aluminum casting service for skateboard truck baseplate or other aluminum parts, pls feel free to contact our company!

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