4 Benefits of Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Compared with other casting methods or other metal forming processes, stainless steel precision castings general adopt lost wax investment casting. There are several benefits of stainless steel investment casting:

4 Benefits of Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Can Improve the Utilization Rate of Materials

Investment casting can significantly reduce the machining amount of products and save the consumption of machining time and machining tools. Waste stainless steel materials can be recycled: almost all the casting risers and waste stainless steel castings in the casting workshop are reused, so the utilization rate of stainless steel materials can be greatly improved. Take CA6140 ordinary lathe as an example, when 64 kinds of 74 parts are used in investment casting, the material utilization rate can reach 81.72%, and some parts can reach 100%. When the interphase parts are produced by forging method, the material consumption is 2.8 times that of cast ones.

Accurate Dimensions and Smooth Surface

The main characteristics of stainless steel investment castings are: high dimensional and geometric accuracy, and fine surface roughness. At present, the dimensional accuracy of stainless steel investment castings can be ISO8062 CT5-CT6 level, and the surface roughness can be up to Ra6.3.

Can Cast Stainless Steel Parts with Complex Shape

Investment casting can cast very complex shape of stainless steel parts. For example, it can cast stainless steel castings with wall thickness 0.5mm, weight as small as 18kgs. Can also cast a complete stainless steel part instead of several parts made up of welding or assembly, and reduce the weight of parts. Therefore, investment casting can greatly improve the degree of similarity between blank and final parts, which brings great convenience for the structural design of parts.

No Limitation On Stainless Steel Grades

As stainless steel casting is a custom service for all types of stainless steel components, so it can customize a same part with different grades. Take horse stirrups for example, at beginning of sampling process, our customer is a bit puzzled at the working performance of CG8M stainless steel and 2205 duplex stainless steel for casting. Thus, CFS Foundry provides several samples with both grades for our client’s inspection, while all the dimensions are the same. So this casting method bring our customer great convenience when it is difficult to make a decision on the casting grade.

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