316 Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Ground Dogs

Ground Dogs are a simple and very effective screw-in tent peg that can be used to anchor anything almost anywhere. And they are just as easy to get out of the ground as it is to put them in. They also come with a complete tie down kit that will fit almost any caravan, motorhome or RV awning on the market.

Application of Stainless Steel Casting Ground Dogs

Ground dogs can be built screw in peg for all occasions. It is a very simple design, and the concept is not new. Essentially it is a very large stainless steel screw that is just the right size, length, and shape that will drill in and out of almost any ground surface.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Ground Gogs

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Ground Gogs

The Ground Dogs are made from a high-quality marine grade 316 stainless steel material ensuring they will not rust after a few uses in the ground, and will be very strong and are easy to get in and out. Like other stainless steel components with complex structures, the ground dogs are also produced by stainless steel investment casting. The stainless steel casting process offers many benefits including cost savings, design freedom, close tolerances, better finishes, savings in machining time, reproducibility, and assembly savings.

1. Low initial tooling costs: Initial tooling costs averaged over the parts produced are often less than other manufacturing tooling costs.
2. Elimination of material waste: Investment castings are essentially cast to size, thus decreasing the amount of machining required.
3. Design flexibility and capability: Infinite choice of alloys and design flexibility for internal and external configurations is seen as a plus.
4. Design enhancements: There are no draft requirements in the investment casting process.
5. Consistency: The process gives a reliable and consistent product order to order.
6. Close Tolerances: Consistently producing close tolerances over other processes, is seen as an advantage.
7. Surface Finish Improvement: A surface finish of about 125 RMS is common for an investment casting.

CFS Stainless Steel Foundry provides high-quality stainless steel investment castings in various grades including 304, 316, 304L & 316L, 17-4 ph, 2205, etc. All our cast stainless steel products may be used in a wide variety of applications. Our technical staff is very capable of assisting you with your alloy choice and design requirements. Since our operation began, we have grown to be a leading foundry in the manufacture of stainless steel castings. Contact us if you have any inquiry on ground dogs or other stainless steel casting projects!

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