Tillage Tools

Tillage tools are the wear parts used in tillage equipments, including vertical tillage, in-line rippers, moldboard plows, field cultivators, and so on. When working, these tillage tools will directly work
in the sand soil or rock soil, so it is necessary to longer the working life of products by improving the wear resistance. Normally, the quantity of such tillage tools are not large, to be cost-effective,
such tillage tools are normally designed by precision investment casting for its affordable tooling cost.

Common Tillage Tools We Can Make:tillage tools

  • Cast Seeding Points
  • Drilling Points
  • Bolt On Knife Points
  • Knock On Knife Points
  • Bolt-On Super Sower
  • Ripper Points
  • Slimwedge Adapters
  • Other Cast Tillage Tools

Our Capabilities:

  1. Casting: For tillage tools, we can make them by lost wax or lost form casting process. Lost wax casting is the most common production technology for manufacturing tillage tools, with good surface finish and size tolerance, they can be assembled to tillage equipments directly, or just little machining operation will be carried out. Besides, as the production structures of tillage tools are varied from each other, we also develop a new production line of lost foam casting process for your choose. Our engineer will also help you to select which is better.
  2. Heat Treatment: Casting is not enough to obtain good wear resistance tillage tools, we can improve the wear resistance of castings by adding the hardness. And heat treatment, such as tempering and hardening, can greatly improve the hardness. But it does not mean higher hardness is better, too high hardness will make the tillage tools fragile. So we need to control the products in a certain range. Our foundry have the capabilities of supplying all kinds of hear treatment methods, just pls let us know which one you prefer.
  3. Tungsten Tiles: Although heat treatment will help to add the wear resistance of tillage tools, it is not enough for the hard working condition. We can supply unique wear enhancement process by application of tungsten carbide. For its high hardness, after brazing the tungsten carbides to the cast body, the serving life of tillage tools will be longer, and the farmers will not need to worry about the working performance. Our company can customize tungsten tiles according to your dimensions, and our experienced brazing technology is unique in China. This makes us different from other casting foundries. And more and more customers come to cooperate with us for our all-sided services.
  4. Surface Color Painting: As the tillage tools will be fitted to tillage machines in different brands, so sometimes, they need to be painted in colors. We, CFS foundry, can do color painting according to your sample or other related information.
  5. Custom Logo: We can also provide custom logo service on the surface of cast tillage tools. Just pls advise the font size, and dimensions of letters.

We strive to get you the right product for your tillage needs. So, if you have requirement on investment casting for tillage tools, and would like to source a Chinese supplier who can cast tillage tools with tungsten tiles, pls do not hesitate to contact us, you will be impressed at our competitive prices and good quality.