Railway Castings

For the large demands of safe railroad cast components with high quality in railway industry, CFS also a long history involved in the manufacturing of railway castings, we always work hard to produce and deliver reliable railway castings to our customers from customers all over the world.

We now can not only supply small railway components by precision investment casting, but also have the capability to make heavier railway parts with our sand casting process. CFS offers a complete casting service from start to finish, we have facilities to do the following: technical drawings, pattern making, shell core making, steel and iron castings, shot blasting, machining and heat treatment where required. We are constantly looking to expand our customer base and are always looking to venture into new lines of work.

Our railway castings are mainly for rail rolling stock and railway infrastructure. Typical railway castings are:

railway castings

railway casting

  • Axle boxes
  • Alex bod housing
  • Centre plates
  • Bearing bracket
  • Pedestals
  • Door hinges
  • Yokes
  • And more

We make precision railway castings in any cast alloys as required, and have the expertise and ability to work with you on design also combing the application of components. At CFS foundry, we take pride in the quality and service of casting components for our clients. Each railway casting from our company must pass through the strict quality control system both during and after production. This ensures us to produce railway castings workable in the toughest conditions.

Whatever the railway castings you need, pls contact us, we are able to asist you to find a casting solution for your project. Just pls get in touch first! We are committed to supply competitively prices based on high quality railway castings.