Types of Casting Process

Casting is an metal manufacturing process generally used for mass production in which materials in a molten state are poured into a mold where they solidify. In this process, complex parts can be manufactured economically and rapidly that otherwise would involve a lot of time if produced by other methods like shaping or cutting. Casting process can be utilized to produce a large variety of parts that are used in different industries. Investment Casting Investment casting is an ancient manufacturing…

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Lost Foam Casting for Iron Castings

lost foam casting

The lost foam casting method uses an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam pattern that is expendable. For each casting that is poured an EPS foam pattern is burned up. The process starts out by creating a foam tool from which foam pieces are made. The casting de-sign can have undercuts, minimal draft, anything that can be placed into the foam tool. Also, the final foam pattern can be made from several pieces of EPS foam that are glued together al-lowing design…

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Tips on Designing Investment Castings

tips on desigining investment castings

The design of investment castings is eventually successful on the basis of the communication between the designer and foundry engineers. When part requirements are clearly stated by designers, there is usually a compromise of specifications that will allow for maximum compliance to print specifications and finish part design. When designing a casting it’s important to consider the tolerancing capabilities (both dimensional and geometric) of the investment casting process being used as well as any draft and required minimum radii and…

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Iron Casting Service in China

iron casting service in china

Iron castings are produced in molds made out of sand bonded with resin and shaped by wrapping the desired pattern with the resulting mix, either manually or using automated or semi-automated machinery. The iron casting process makes use of sand cores to produce intricate part shapes or hollow parts. Iron castings are used across a broad range of industries such as the automotive industry where iron casting is used for the engine block, in agriculture where much of the heavy…

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Should We Use Investment Casting for The Next Project?

should we use investment casting for the project

Investment casting is an advanced processing process used to produce metal parts of the highest quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness. Investment casting is the process operated step by step in which one wax pattern produces one metal part. When combined with modern investment casting technologies, investment casting can be applied to produce parts of different degrees of complexity, in virtually any volume and for the broadest possible spectrum of applications. CFS foundry supplies high quality investment castings for a wide range…

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Stainless Steel Casting & Machining in China

stainless steel casting service china

So-called stainless steel casting process, simply to say, is the investment casting process making meltability model (referred to as “investment pattern or model) with fusible materials (such as wax material or plastic), coating the model surface with refractory coating in several layers, then form a whole shell after drying and hardening, melting the wax model using reoccupy steam from the shell model, and then put the shell in the sand box, filling sand in all round its modelling, next put…

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Investment Casting for Tillage Tools

investment casting for tillage tools

Tillage tools are the spare parts used in agricultural tillage equipments. Investment casting, the most precise casting method, is suitable for the manufacturing of most tillage tools. Typical tillage tools that can be produced in investment casting process are: Bolt On Knife/Seeding points, Bolt On Super Sower, Knock On Knife Blade Point, Seeding Clip, Bolt on Baker Boot, Slim Wedge, Slim Wedge Point, and so on. For the fast develpment of agricultural machinery, application of these tillage tools are popular…

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How to Source Investment Castings from China?

Precision Investment Casting from China

Internet searching is the most simple and convenient way for purchasers to source investment castings from China. Casting China is a great way for online buyers to get unique investment casting products at cheap prices, but it can be complicated and for first-timers, it’s down right daunting! So read on as we review the two most popular forms of sourcing investment castings from China. Economically speaking, the reason producing investment castings abroad is so cost effective stems from the value…

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Casting China

water glass casting china

China is the largest casting producer in the world and manufacture & export large amounts of castings each year. However, little is known about the development of casting technology in China. As an ambitious developing country, China has been eagerly developing modern casting technique for all industrial applications, China’s foundry industry is active in adopting new processes in order to catch up with, or lead the advancement of, casting technology. So the casting technique in China has been quite mature…

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How to Cooperate with China Investment Casting Manufacturers?

how to cooperate with china investment casting manufacturer

If you’re in business of investment castings, you can’t ignore China. The economy is booming and it is the manufacturing capital of the world. One of our customers Allen said ” I’ve travelled to China for my business with CFS foundry countless times. Each time, I fall more in love with it. It’s developing very quickly and has rapidly become a global commerce hub. A lot of people still think of China as cheap and dirty – this may have…

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