Investment Casting for Dredge Cutter Teeth

dredging cutter head

Dredging is an excavation activity in which materials are recovered from beneath the water’s surface. The purpose of dredging is generally to gather bottom sediment and either dispose it at a different location or use these sediments in various products. For example, sand and gravel are used in concrete mixtures. There are many uses for dredges, all of which vary and require different types of dredging equipment. As with other wear parts, Dredge cutter teeth is the wear parts made in…

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Why Casting for Wear Parts?

construction wear parts

In CFS foundry, about half of the investment castings are wear parts. We call this type of products “wear parts”, as they have the same features: high hardness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Below we will introduce the wear parts we have made in detail: Agricultural Wear Parts In agricultural machinery, good wear resistance is required for components that will directly touch the ground. If the part is not wearable, the working life will be quite short, and has…

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Repairing Methods of Investment Casting Defects

investment casting after welding repairing

No matter investment casting, sand casting or die casting, it is avoidless to meet casting defects. In last article, we introduced the causes & prevention methods of common investment casting defects, such as blowholes, shrinkage, slag holes, crack, cold shut, ect, which are caused by improper casting operations or inadequate experience. In this situation, to reach usage standard and reduce waste & loss, investment casting foundries will do repairing measures for investment castings. So what are the repairing methods? Caster…

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Causes & Prevention Methods of Common Investment Casting Defects

During the production of investment castings, it is avoidless that some investment casting defects are occurred due to some wrong operations. Below are some of the common defects: 1. Gas hole Gas hole is the hole that exists in the casting surface or internal area. It can be round, oval, or irregular shape, sometimes is an air mass made up of multiple gas holes. Internal gas holes is usually pear-shaped. Shape of choking hole is irregular, and the surface is…

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Investment Casting for Medical Application

medical equipments

Like mining industry, construction machinery, oilfield industry, medical machinery is also one of the main industries that our investment castings are served for. Investment Castings are used in medical related applications where the complex metal components are used. With our modern investment casting technique, CFS foundry can cast all metal alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, ect in precise dimensions. We can supply medical investment castings for: Operating tables and other operating room equipment MRI machines X-ray equipment Stretchers, wheelchairs…

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How Does Investment Casting Work?

investment casting wax model

Investment Casting is an age old process that is over 6,000 years old. The process involves creating a mold in which a liquid material is poured into and then dried or cooled to create the desired shape/object. The most common use of this process is to produce steel casting parts. This process is flexible enough that complicated shapes and designs can be used to create products that are ultimately cast in one piece. Where other processes may demand that the product…

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Why Choose Investment Casting?

why choose investment casting

In it’s simplest form, investment casting can be thought of as the melting and flowing of any of todays common engineering metals and alloys into molds of virtually any net shape, to produce a near net shape component once cooled. Comparing this to the widely-accepted practices of machining components from solid raw stock, where material is REMOVED to get to the net end shape, and all of the problems associated with that, this is a very simple way to visualize…

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Convert Machined parts in Investment Casting?

CFS Foundry ever shared a post about converting weldments into investment casting, in which we presented successful projects we have completed with our customers. Today we would like to share if converting your machined parts into investment casting. First of all, we have to be honest for the fact : It is not always a benefit to convert any part into investment casting. For example: * Parts with simple shapes close to the one of a steel plate or bar are…

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Investment Casting Materials

investment casting in cast steel

As one of the most popular metalworking process, investment casting could be used to produce a variety of precision components in many materials. Below are the common investment casting materials used in CFS foundry: Cast Steel Cast steel usually refers to normal carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. It is the investment casting material used to make steel castings with carbon content lower than 2%. Common cast steel grades:  Carbon steel & Alloy steel  Stainless steel AISI1010 AISI4130 302(CF-20)…

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Investment Casting Cost Analysis in China

investment casting cost analysis

Due to the benefits of making investment castings in China, Chinese investment casting industry is booming at a high speed recently years. More and more foreign companies turn to China to purchase custom investment castings for the low price and increased service. Normally the cost of a new develpped investment casting part is tooling cost and unit price. Tooling cost Tooling cost refers to the production cost of casting molds, which is mainly made of aluminum alloy. Compared with forging…

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