Material Testing

Chemical composition is the basic property of a metal cast part, which will directly affect the mechanical properties of products. So during investment casting process, material testing is a vital step for obtaining qualified products.

At CFS foundry, the chemical composition of investment casting materials is precise tested by a spectrometer, it can accurately test out the composition of each element of the metal. And compare the testing result with the standard of material, if the value is within the range of chemical composition, it means the material of finished investment castings are qualified. We call this process “chemical analysis”.

As one of the leading investment casting foundries, how does our foundry to operate material testing? Firstly, before each batch of metal ingot comes into stock, the material factory will provide us the material certification, and to ensure its veracity, we will first cut a small piece to do chemical analysis by spectrum, and the testing result will prove if the material is approved. Secondly, we still need to do material inspection on the melton metal before pouring. If there is any error, then the melton metal could not be poured. Thirdly, after sample is completed, it will also be used to test the
chemical composition.

Material Report

material report of investment castings

The results of the spectrometer analysis would be shown in a material report. In the report, you can see the standard material composition and the tested element value, by comparision, we can judge if the material is qualified. This material report will be delivered to our customer together with samples. Of course, when mass production, each batch of investment castings need to pass chemical analysis. This single summary makes it clear which alloy elements comprise a given production batch and whether this complies with the specification.

At CFS, the spectrometer is linked to a computer. The reports are stored on the network so that the information is always available. Proper archiving of this information ensures the traceability of your product. Furthermore, we can also provide other testings of investment castings, such as dimensional testing, hardness testing, magnetic particle testing as well as other inspections. All these inspections will bring our customer a good quality product.