Machining Service

Machining is one of the value-add services that CFS foundry can supply after investment casting. When you are tired of sending investment casting blanks out for secondary machining operation, CFS foundry is your one-stop-shop for precision machining. We have in-house machining capabilities with excellent machining experience.

machined castings

We provide both conventional and CNC machining services to offer the following Machined processes :

  • Lathe Turning
  • Milling, up to 5 axis CNC
  • Grinding, surface, OD and ID
  • Broaching
  • Wire and die sink EDM
  • Threading, single point and grind
  • Drilling, reaming, and tapping
  • Boring

CFS foundry has built a team of expert CNC programmers and machinists. When your machining drawings are received at CFS foundry, our experienced CNC programmer will carefully examine each drawing requirement including surface finish, profile, true position tolerances and datum scheme for incorporation into fixture design/build and tooling specifications. Ongoing inspections are performed as specified in the control plan developed uniquely for each part.

Quality control is of great importance to our customers. To ensure qualified products, each dimensional tolerance will be districtly inspected by our testing instruments and gages. To be more accurate and efficient, we also invest to make fixtures for some important sizes. Our goal is to provide our customers high quality machined castings with shortest lead time.

We also offer the following forms of product defect testing in-house with Level-III certified personnel: Dye Penetrant testing, Magnetic Particle testing, X-ray inspection, Mechanical properties, Chemical analysis. All testing results are shown as testing reports when pictures proved.

In addition, Machined investment castings can be provided with further finishing processes as well, in order to render the components available for direct application. Such processes offered include:

  • Heat treatment
  • Deburring
  • Zinc plating
  • Color painting
  • Powder coating
  • Polishing/Electropolishing
  • Other protective coatings
  • Assembly
  • Specialized protective packaging

So, if you have purchasing plan for machined investment castings, pls contact us immediately, we will offer a complete solution for your product.